《2016年2月22 日---能量格柵的更新報告》 由lightlover1964於2016年2月22日貼文 譯者U 2覺醒http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_b9a886d70102vu99.html Massive downloads and activati​​ons are occurring, a combination of the full moon and the number alignment energies of 2/22, AND, ( as if those two are not enough),I am feeling Source Energy of pure crystalline light blasting us as well with indescribable colors within it...Trifecta... Yes we are getting blasted, that's why things feel so chaotic for so many. Every human will be affected differently, depending of their frequency. The message I get from Within is that the archon grid has COMPLETELY fallen away fully, as the negative alien agenda matrix does not have enough energy to maintain the life force of the denser off world entities which feed off the human collective. The off world burritos can't hold the new frequency as it feels like we are going up a whole octave, so they have fallen away from all ascension timelines. : ) 大量的下載和激活正在發生,聯合滿月的力量和在2月22日能量校準的發生,而且(如果這兩個因素還不夠的話),我感到來自源頭的純淨水晶之光能量正轟擊著我們,當然也伴隨著那難以形容的美妙色彩。。。三者齊發。 是的,我們正被轟炸,這也是為何對於許多人來說事情是感到如此的混亂。 每個人類都將被以不同的方式影響,取決於他們自身的頻率。 來自我內在所獲得的信息是---執政官網格正處於完全的頹敗,因為負面外星人議程的母體不再擁有足夠的能量繼續維持這些世界之外的稠密振動實體的生命力,它曾是由人類集體所餵養。 此世界周圍那形如墨西哥捲餅的負面矩陣無法遏制全新的頻率,而其被感受的就好似我們正進入到一個完全不同的音階,所以它們正從所有的揚升時間線崩離。(微笑) Free Will has been restored to our worlds as those that interfered can no longer stay at this frequency and affect the human collective. Activati​​ons and downloads are occurring for ALL across all grids. Today,2/22, carries the frequency of relationships AND is also an angel number of having FAITH. The incoming Source Crystalline Evolutionary Energies are combining with the 2/22 AND full moon energies, which overlapped the energies of Valentine's Day, which anchored the Twin Flame energies across all grids. AND the energies of Easter, Death and Resurrection, are also beginning to affect the grids. YES,This is the most intense energies I have felt up until now. The February Source Energies brought to Light all false twin relationships so they could be seen and released. 對於我們世界來說“自由意志”已經得到恢復,因為那些干擾不再能夠保持它的頻率來影響人類集體。 在整個能量格柵的領域,激活與下載正在全面發生。 今天的2月22日,攜帶著伴侶關係的頻率,同樣也是表示“擁有信心”的天使數字。 不斷來臨的源頭進化的水晶能量正聯合著2/22的滿月能量,它重疊了情人節能量,錨定了雙生火焰的能量跨越整個格柵。以及復活節的能量,死亡與重生,也在開始影響這些格柵。 是的,直到目前來說這是我所感受到的最為強烈的能量。 2月份的源頭能量帶來了神聖之光照亮所有虛假錯誤的兩性關係,如此它們便能夠被看清和釋放。 These 2/22 and Full moon energies are assisting in the relationships releases(222) and are very physical, (222 adds to 6, the energy of physicality"), yet also with the full moon the emotional bodies(water) are being healed . This is a very physical portal. AND the incoming Divine Energies of "Easter",death and resurrection, are assuring that what needs to be released that is not for the highest good of all, will go. Not an option anymore. These incoming easter energies are also beginning to be felt by the human collective already as these Source Evolutionary Waves are overlapping, with no down time for rest. This is the SURRENDERING phase of our spiritual journey. This is the rising of the Phoenix. 2/22 與滿月的能量也在協助這些關係的釋放(222),同時是非常的物質,(222相加是6,物質層的能量),然而也伴隨滿月的作用“情緒體”(水)也得到了療愈。這是一個非常物質的門戶。同時不斷來臨的“復活節”的神聖能量,死亡與重生,在確保那需要被釋放的一切,那些不從屬於所有一切最高利益的一切,讓它離開。 也不再是一個選項。 這些來臨的複活節能量也已經開始被人類大集體所感受,作為這些源頭進化能量的重疊覆蓋,沒有一刻的歇息。 此刻是我們靈性的旅程中的“臣服”階段。也是鳳凰涅槃的重生。 The last of the soul group that are the forerunners are about to fully disconnect from the Matrix, and together we, The Heart Collective,will quantum jump as a soul group and anchor into the higher dimensions. This will affect the negative alien agenda matrix hugely as it continues to collapse as it continues its service to self experience of lack in an alternative descension earth reality. Set your Sacred Intent to release everything not for the highest good with EASE and GRACE. Honor your Body COMPLETELY. Open up your Heart and fearlessly state, "Yes, I am open to Love" so you can anchor in the highest possible frequencies into the grids. The human collective has chosen to ascend with Ease and Grace, so WE set the intent in our Hearts. Ask your Light Teams to assist you in any way necessary. Whatever situation arises, love it. It is occurring to assist you, be in gratitude for the experience. And KNOW in your Heart that everything is Divinely Perfect. Remember, We are LOVE, for LOVE is all there is. May all who seek to connect to their Heart and therefore to Source, do so with Ease and Grace. And so it is. 那些從屬於先驅者靈魂團體的最後者即將完全的從此母體中切斷分離,而我們團結起來,集體意識的核心將作為一個靈魂團體以量子的大飛躍進入更高的維度。 這將會極大的影響到負面外星人的議程母體,作為它持續的崩塌,作為它對於自我缺乏體驗的持續服務,進入到一個二者選一的跌落地球實相中。 送出你神聖的意圖去釋放每件不從屬於最高利益的一切,以恩典和輕鬆的方式。 完全的尊重你的身體。 打開你的心靈並處於無所畏懼的姿態中,“ 是的,我向愛敞開”,如此你就能夠以最大可能的頻率錨定這股能量進入到格柵中。 人類集體已經選擇帶著恩典和輕鬆揚升,所以我們便在我們的心中設定這份意圖。請求你的光之守護團隊以任何必要的方式來協助你。不論升起何種的局勢,只是去愛它。正是這樣的發生在協助著你,能夠以感恩的態度去面對這些體驗。同時在你的心中知曉---每件事情都處於神聖的完美中。 記住,我們就是愛,而愛是一切的全部。 願所有人都尋求與自己的心連接,也與偉大的源頭連接,並以恩典和輕鬆去進行。 這便是如此。 I love you guys so much! In Light, Love and Joyful Service, Maria (lightlover 1964) SOURCE. SOVEREIGN.FREE. Follow Your Heart?Shine Your Light. 我如此的愛你們大家! 在光中,在愛與喜悅的服務裡。 瑪麗亞(lightlover 1964) 源頭,主權與自由 【揚升大師Hilarion】2016年2月21日--28日信息更新 微信按住圖片或掃一掃,隨喜支持,感恩 如果您因為U2覺醒的奉獻覺得有所收穫,希望支持我,讓U2覺醒也獲得付出與收穫的平衡,請點擊這個鏈接《對U2覺醒工作的隨喜支持》,感謝您對U2覺醒的支持和援助。隨時歡迎每位朋友來到U2覺醒引領的免費且純淨(謝絕一切廣告和營銷行為)的靈性修行QQ群【111619861】 【321440143】。也請轉載的朋友保持信息的完整,包括譯者的這段結語,也是對翻譯者勞動的尊重和支持,謝謝。
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