The sound of Silence 寂靜的聲音 It is not often on your earth plane that one can just sit and really listen to the sound of silence. Most people feel that silence is too deafening and that it is in those time of silence when the truth is not withheld from yourself and to look at oneself this deeply can be a scary prospect. 在地球一個人能夠坐下來,真正聆聽寂靜的聲音是很不常見的。大多數人感到寂靜太喧嘩,在寂靜的時刻,真相不會被抑制,如此深度地看向自己會是令人恐懼的 Your angel guidance is to take some time and find a space of silence and just be in that moment. Practice being in the void of no sound, of no stimulation, of nothingness, and just be, even if just for a short while. Learn to shut out any thoughts or noise, both within and without. This is a great training for learning to master the mind, the power of your will, and utilize the power of the void, the power of the Now time, the power of No time. 你的天使指引你去花些時間,找到一個寂靜之地,處於那個時刻。練習處於沒有聲音,沒有磁極,沒什麼存在的虛無,支持存在,即使一會兒。學習排除任何的想法和噪音,內在和外在的。這是偉大的訓練,去精通頭腦,你的意志力,利用空無的力量,當下的力量,無時間的力量 Today's Mantra Is: "Spending time in the Void of No Time replenishes me. The sound of silence soothes my soul." 今天的咒語:“花時間在無時間的空無給我充滿能量。寂靜的聲音撫慰我的靈魂” And so it is 就是如此 You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels and guides 你被深深地愛著與支持著,總是如此,天使與指導 原文: 通靈:Sharon Taphorn 翻譯:Nick Chan
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