Many of you have vivid dreams that you would like to interpret. Did you know that you can simply enter into meditation and ask your guides, angels or masters to show you what the dream was trying to bring into your awareness? This is an excellent method to discern the exact meaning specific to you. You may hear what you need to know, you may see the meaning play out, you may feel or simply have a sense of knowingness, or you may receive the answer you seek later in the day, but the answers will always come. It is yet another way your guides and helpers are available to serve and support you. ~Archangel Gabriel 你們許多人有過想要詮釋的生動夢境。你知道嗎,你可以進入冥想,請求指導,天使或大師來展示你夢境試圖在告訴你什麼?這是卓越的方式去辨別對你特定的含義。你也許聽到了你需要知道的,你也許看到了含義的上演,你也許感到或擁有了一個知曉,或你收到了你所尋求的答案,但答案總是會到來。這是你的指導和助手服務與支持你的另一個方式。~大天使加百利 原文: 翻譯:Nick Chan
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