Can you feel the energy of rebirth in the air? 你能在空氣中感受重生的能量嗎? There is smell in the air that is fresh and unmistakably awakening all around during this time of opportunities for a rebirth, a transformation so to speak and a wondrous opportunity to make some choices or decisions that will have more of a long term theme or affect on the grander scheme of things that are to be. 空氣中散播著一個味道,新鮮和明確的覺醒到處都是,在這個重生、轉變的機遇時期,一個奇妙的機遇去做出會有長期主題或影響的決定或選擇,在宏偉的計劃中 This time could signal an awakening of psychic abilities or spiritual epiphanies. You may even kind of feel like you've been swept off your feet as you ride this wave. For some of you may even be falling in love or reigniting an existing love during this phase. Regardless how you experience this opportunity, it is sure to be an exciting ride so don't let anything hold you back. There may be a need for a little extra grounding as this can be a very emotional experience! 這個時刻可以標誌著心靈能力或精神頓悟的覺醒。你會感到頭重腳輕,隨著你駕馭這個波浪。對於一些人,會感到陷入愛河或再次燃起現有的愛,在這個階段。不管你如何體驗這個機遇,它會是一個激動人心的旅程,所以不要讓任何東西阻礙你。也許需要額外的穩固,因為這會是一個情感體驗 Today's Mantra Is: "As I reawaken aspects of myself and my life, I experience a wonderful transformation and rebirth." 今天的咒語:“隨著我喚醒自己和生活的面向,我體驗奇妙的轉變和重生” And so it is 就是如此 You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels and guides 你被深深地愛著與支持著,總是如此,天使與指導 原文: 通靈:Sharon Taphorn 翻譯:Nick Chan
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