There is something New on the Horizo​​n 地平線上有著新的東西 There is some news coming that is worth celebrating and so it is important to keep a positive attitude and hope alive in your heart. Some of you have been experiencing a discontentment with life, others are failing to see the gift from an experience or seeing the magical opportunity that is being presented to you as the answer to your prayers. Some of you have been so busy doing all the work that you are weighed down by too many responsibilities or forgotten that you need to take time out for you, time out to play. 有著值得慶祝的新事物到來,所以很重要去保持一個積極的態度和希望。你們一直在體驗對生活的不滿,其他人看不到體驗中的禮物或呈現的魔法般的機遇,作為對你祈禱的回复。你們一些人非常忙於做所有的工作,你被眾多的責任壓垮或忘記你需要花時間為自己,花時間玩耍 Have you been taking others for granted? What have you given of yourself? Have you been giving too much of yourself? These are important questions to ponder as you consider the source of your discontent. Your angels want to remind you that you have magical energy around you. You have new sparks of inspiration that should be acted upon and that you have cherished friends in your life. Keep hope alive in your heart always and know that there is something wonderful just around the corner like gifts of money, perhaps a voyage or even a new location in which to thrive. Be open to these new opportunities and enjoy the ride. 你把從他人那里索取當作理所當然嗎?你付出了什麼?你付出地太多了嗎?這些是很重要的問題需要沉思,隨著你思考你不滿的源頭。你的天使想要提醒你,你周圍有著魔法般的能量。你擁有了新的啟發靈感,應該被行動,你生活中有著珍惜的朋友。在心中保持希望,知曉奇妙的東西就在角落,就像金錢的禮物,也許是一個航行或新的位置。向這些新機遇敞開,享受旅程 Today's Mantra is:"There is something wonderful just around the corner and it offers me great opportunities in which to thrive." 今天的咒語:“奇妙的東西就在角落,這提供了我巨大的機遇來發展” And so it is 就是如此 You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels and guides 你被深深地愛著與支持著,總是如此,天使與指導 原文: 通靈:Sharon Taphorn 翻譯:Nick Chan
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