Dear Ones, during such times of intensity it can be helpful to remember that you cannot get it wrong. You are part of a process that is highly intelligent and forward moving. You will not “miss the boat” if you don't get a certain attunement or if you aren't perfect. Your body knows exactly what it is doing, as does your planet and the entire universe. 親愛的一們,在如此強烈的時刻,記住你不會弄錯很有助益。你是高度智能和前進運動進程的一部分。你不會“錯失良機”如果你沒有得到某種協調或如果你不完美。你的身體知道它在做什麼,就像地球和宇宙。 So rest easy. Feel free to try things, to experience, and know if something is not a match to you, you can simply try again. Know that all movement is ultimately forward movement. Be willing to treat each day as a clean slate and allow yourself to be intuitively led by your innate knowingness. 所以放心。隨意去嘗試事物,體驗,知曉如果有些東西不符合你,你可以再次嘗試。知曉所有的運動最終都是向前運動。願意把每一天當作一張白紙,讓自己被你固有的知曉引領 Above all, know your beingness is more than enough. The fact that you are all shifting so rapidly is proof that you are well on your way and you are doing a much more masterful job with it all than you realize. ~Archangel Gabriel 最重要的,知曉你的存在早已足夠。你如此快速地在轉變這個事實就是證據你很好地處於道路上,你做著比你意識到的更出色的工作。~大天使加百利 原文: 翻譯:Nick Chan
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