【聖靈團體】《一種全新的平衡--人性與靈性》由Steve Rother於2016年1月15日通靈傳遞譯者U2覺醒http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_b9a886d70102vt9x.html Greetings from Home. We greet you with such joy! If you were able to seeyourselves through our eyes for just a moment, you would understandthe reverence and incredible love we have for each and every one ofyou. It is amazing to see you on this journey and to watch what istaking place as you begin recognizing the connections that all ofyou have made ​​just to prepare for what you are doing now. Well, letus tell you something, dear ones. Something magical is taking placeon planet Earth. We know that many times you get stuck in the badnews and in focusing on all the troubles, for there are many onplanet Earth. Do not be confused about that, because all is as itshould be. There are so many things that are starting to shakearound to find the very essence of it instead of what you have beenseeing, which is all the fluff around everything. It is nowpossible to get down to the core essence of almost anything moredirectly and easily, even faster than only a short time before. Weare calling it the “Day of the Conscious Creator.” 來自家園的問候:   在如此的喜悅中我們歡迎你們!如果你能夠通過我們的視角看著自己哪怕一刻鐘,你就會明白對於你們每個人我們所給予的尊敬與驚人的愛。看著你們走上這個旅程本身就是如此的神奇,同時看著這正發生的一切,因你們在開始確認的這些連接--你們所有人已取得的成績,正是為了此刻你們在進行的而準備著。好的,讓我們告訴你一些事情,親愛的朋友。某件魔法般的事情正在行星地球之上發生。我們明白,許多次你們陷入在了壞消息中,並且把精神焦點都放置在了所有這些麻煩上面,畢竟在地球之上確實存在著許多問題。但絕不要被這些混淆和迷惑自己,因為一切都處在它應該的位置。有著如此多的事情正在開始抖落浮誇,從而在其中尋找你們一直在看待事物背後的根本真實,所有那圍繞著每件事物毫無價值的黏著。現在能夠開始以更為直接,更為輕鬆的方式看清任何事的本質真相,相比不久前來說都是更快的質變。我們把它稱之為“擁有覺知的創造者時代”。Day of the Conscious Creator 擁有覺知的創造者時代It is very simple, dear ones. You have been walkingaround playing this wonderful game of pretending to be human.Bumping into and tripping over each other, calling this person“right” or that person “wrong,” all in a justification of where youare and everything you can see from your limited perspective. Whatis happening now is magical, because that perspective is startingto open very quickly. Look at all the things you have done in yourlifetime. Consider the laws that have passed even in recent years,and all the changes you thought would never even take place whichare now commonplace. These are exciting times for everyone — andfor us to watch — as the game on planet Earth now evolves to thenext level of conscious creation .   這是如此的簡單,親愛的朋友。你們一直遊走在這個“佯裝”成人類的奇妙遊戲場地。彼此碰撞和摩擦,標榜著此人是“對”而那人卻是“錯”,全部的理由都建立在你自身的觀點角度,而每件你所看的事也出自於你受限的觀點。此刻在發生的事情是魔法般的,因為這樣的觀點在十分迅速的被打開。看看你自己在一生中已做過的所有事。考慮下在最近幾年這個規律的體現,所有那些你認為從未可能發生的事情此刻卻是普遍而廣泛。對於每個人來說這些都是激動人心的時刻--而對於正在看護著你們的我們---正看到的是在這顆星球之上的遊戲已進化到意識創造的下個階段。Taking Responsibility 承擔起責任You have been creators all along, even from the beginningwhen you were unconscious of it. That IS the game, which is why itis so fascinating for us along with others throughout the universeto watch. What you will see is a reflection , for you have beenplaying a game of creator unconsciously. Dear ones, you felt thatyou must be here. However, you could also be easily controlled andpulled, so your energy could be tagged and actually used againstyou sometimes. All of those things are changing, as your newperspective begins to allow you to see from the perspective ofHome. When you do that, to start with you will have to go back inyour lives and take responsibility for every single point. Soundseasy, but it is not. Especially since time has usually made it evenworse, giving you time to rationalize your thoughts and actions.This happens with humans all the time and it is absolutelywonderful to watch. Quite simply, you are changing the game andcreating from a new perspective. Fantastic! Now, what is it youwish to create? Ahh, that will be the key element for all of you todecide as you start understanding that you have been creating allalong. As you become conscious of it, you can start to use it invery positive ways. Now an entirely new conundrum arrives with awhole series of choices. We find this absolutely amazing to watch,as you awaken from the dream and you find that you have magicalpowers. That is unbelievable to us, because we never thought thatit would happen to this degree on planet Earth. It is so magical towatch as you all discover and help each other. So, what are the newquestions that will come up?   你們一直都是創造者的角色,即便在一開始你們曾經還未對它有意識的時候。就是這樣的一個遊戲,對於我們來說能夠伴隨整個宇宙的其他文明,看護他們如此令人著迷,你們將會看到一種反射現象,因為一直以來你們作為無意識的創造者在進行著遊戲。親愛的朋友們,你們所感受到的是自己必然在這裡。不過,你們也是如此的輕易就被控制和迷惑,如此你們的能量就可能被予以標記,同時在有時候反過來對付你們。所有的這些事情正在改變,因為你們全新的觀點正開始允許你自身看清--來自真實家園的觀點。在你能夠做到的時候,一開始要進行的便是不得不回顧你自己的經歷,並從每種單一的跡象展現中承擔責任。說起來容易,但它卻並非那麼簡單。尤其是因為時間的關係通常它甚至會變得更糟,給予你時間去合理化自己的想法和行為。這在任何時刻都在人們身上發生著,而能看清這點是極為神奇的事情。非常簡單,你們正在改變這個遊戲,並從一種全新的觀點去創造。太迷人了!現在,正被真正理解的是--你一直以來都是創造者。由於你變得對它擁有覺知,你能夠開始在每個積極正向的方面去利用它。現在一種全新的時機到來了,伴隨而至的是一系列的選項。我們發現能觀察到這些是極為殊勝的,因為你們正從夢境中醒來,你也發現了自己其實擁有著神奇的魔力。這對於我們來說簡直難以置信,因為我們從未想過此種角度的“覺知”會在地球之上發生。它是如此的奇妙,看著你們在全面的探索,互相幫助。那麼,又會有什麼新的問題出現呢?ANew Balance Between Spirit and Human 在靈性與人性之間的全新平衡One of the first questions that will come up with eachand every one of you is, “What do I do with my power?” Your firstreactions will be to start creating something of your own passions,something that would serve you. Then very quickly, your vagus nervewill start tapping into everyone else around you. You will feeltheir needs and wonder if perhaps you should not focus all thatenergy on other people. Fascinating choices! We tell you , dearones, there is no right or wrong about it. However, we ask youfirst to please treat yourself well during these days ahead of you.You will understand that there is a balance you must maintain inorder to hold your power. Although you may think of it as a balancebetween light and dark, we have a tendency to call it “betweenspirit and human.” Neither one is right or wrong. Quite simply,there are balances that must be held. For every single human, thebalance has now tipped as the veil is being pulled away just longenough for you to start seeing that you are truly magical beings.Yes, dear ones, you have had a hand in every creation that you haveexperienced on Earth. This is why we ask you first to takeresponsibility, and do so in a loving way. The Keeper takesresponsibility for things sometimes by saying, “Yes, I reallymessed up that one.” And that is the way to joke about it or lookat it. Re-member, there is nothing that is not alterable on planetEarth.   首先會在你們每個人身上,每天發生的問題便是,“對於我的力量要如何運用?”你們首先的反應將是開始去創造偏向個人喜好的某件事物,某件能夠服務於你的。隨後非常的迅速,你的迷走神經將開始涉足進入你身邊的每一位其他人身上(譯者:意思是,在意其他人的評價和對於你的看法)。你會感受到他們的需求,並想知道是否你 ​​不應該把全部的精力和能量耗費在其他人身上。這是多麼奇妙的選擇!我們告訴你們,親愛的朋友們,對於它並不存在任何的錯與對。不過,我們請你首先要做到,在你們前方的時刻裡好好的照顧自己。你會明白,其實存在著一種平衡是你必須去維繫的,為的是持有住你的力量。雖然你可能認為這是光明與黑暗之間的平衡,我們傾向於把它稱之為“靈性和人性之間的平衡”。這其中的任何一個都不存在對或錯。很簡單,存在著一種平衡必須被予以維繫。對於每個人來說,這種平衡已經傾斜,而面紗正被揭開,這裂縫已足夠的大得以讓你開始真實的看清--你是真正的魔法般存在。是的,親愛的朋友們,你們在每一份創造中都參與了進來,它便是你們在地球之上已體驗的。這也是為何我們要求你們要首先承擔起責任,並以一種充滿愛的方式去做。看護人在有時對已發生的事情會負責任的說,“是的,我確實把它弄得一團糟”那麼就是這樣的方式去看待它--是僅僅開玩笑,或是真正的面對它。記住,在這顆行星地球上沒有什麼事情是無法改變的。The New Harmonics: Place Yourself First新的和諧面:把你自己放在首位Some things take more energy than others, but we ask youto balance your creations to place yourself first. This is the newharmonics that must take place, for there are tones and overtones on planet Earth thatcan now be heard. Although they always existed as naturalformations of the wave patterns, with your recent evolutions youcan start to feel and use them as part of your healing techniques.There are many opportunities, dear ones. When the Keeper waslearning to sing back in high school, he was trying to figure outwhether he was a baritone, bass, or tenor. He found one that wassomewhat comfortable for him and played in that range. However,every once in a while he would hear something well out of his rangeand he would want to express it in some way. Perhaps it was apopular song on the radio, but he knew he could not quite hit theexact tune. So when that note came up, he would hit a harmonic andstill be able to express it or add to the overall beautiful wave. That is what is now possible.   有些事比起其他要耗費更多的能量,所以我們要求你們平衡自身的創造--把你自己放在首位。這就是新的和諧面,它必鬚髮生,因為在這顆行星地球之上有著各種和諧音律和泛音。雖然它們總是存在著,所作為的是這種波動模式的自然形態,伴隨著最近你自身的進化就能開始感受和利用它們作為你們療愈科技的部分。存在著大量的機會,親愛的朋友們。當看護人曾經在高校學習歌唱的時候,他曾一直試圖定位自己是否是男中音,男低音或是男高音。他發現了某個對他來說舒適的音律範圍,並以之來演繹。不過,每次總會有一些時候他會聽到某些高出他音律範圍的聲音,而他也希望以某種方式表達出來。也許是在收音機上聽到的一首流行歌曲,但他明白自己哼唱出歌曲的原調是無法做到的。那麼當這種情況發生的時候,他會以一種和諧的音調卻依舊能夠表達它的方式唱出,或是增加美麗的泛音。這就是此刻可能的情形。Vibrationsof Love愛的振動Many of you have healing abilities that are in thisrange. Now that range may only be a few quadrillion vibrationalincrements, or it may be even larger. Let us just say that theaverage range represents about four inches. If you cannot quite hitthat range, does it mean that you cannot reach healing abilitiesout of that range? No, not at all, becauseyou can hit harmonics. That is thebeautiful part of it, the magic. Now you can start to see your owneffect in the world, as long as you take responsibility for yourown creations .You can start to understand how those harmonics canbe used to affect your world in a very big way.   在這樣的範圍內你們中的許多人都擁有療癒的能力。現在這個範圍也許只有千分之幾的振動增幅,或者也許更大。讓我們說這平均的幅度就代表你自己的尺度。如果你還不能精確的命中此頻率幅度,這並不意味著你不能觸及那個範圍的療愈能力對不對?當然,完全不是,因為能夠以和諧的面向命中它。這就是其中的魅力之處。現在,你們都能夠開始看見自身對於這個世界的影響,且盡可能持久的為你自身創造的能力承擔起責任。你能夠開始懂得如何讓這些被和諧的利用,以一種非常廣大的方面去影響你們的世界。What are harmonics? First, consider the wide vibrationsof love. Over here you have love for a person. Then ever there, youhave the love of something you enjoy doing, such as singing orpainting. Or maybe you have love for an animal that has enteredyour life and profoundly reflected you in the most beautiful ways.There are many vibrations of love. Find one and build on it, bothin harmonics and in other areas. When love is spread throughoutyour entire environment, guess what is reflected back? You havejust loved everyone , even if they try not to love you back. Youhave just created the highest vibrational place in which to liveand express your light. Play with it. Watch. Become aware that youare conscious creators and recognize the harmonics. When we say“you,” we are not speaking specifically to each of you. Most whoare listening to this message have come early to open the doors, tohold these places and beautiful thoughts, so that others couldaccept them over time. You are the way-showers. When we speak ofyou , we talk of the collective of humanity and from the veryhighest vibration to the very lowest, you are a bandwidth that mustmove together. We have said before that humans can only advance asfast as the lowest vibration on planet Earth.   怎樣才是和諧?首先,認識到“愛的廣泛振動”。就在此刻的此地,你們都有著一位被你所愛的人。那麼其他地方,你也有著某件很喜歡去做的事情,諸如唱歌或是作畫,或者也許是你愛著一隻進入你生活中的可愛動物,並且以最為美好的方式深刻影響著你。存在著許多不同的愛的振動。去發現一個並在它之上建立,同時處在和諧和其他的領域中。當“愛”在你整個的環境中被充分的傳播開,猜一猜會有怎樣的反響?你僅僅只是愛著每個人,即便是他們根本沒有以愛回贈你。而你剛剛所創造出的即是最高振動的地點,你在其中生活並表達著你的“光”,與之遊戲,觀察。去成為你們所是的擁有覺知的創造者並識別出這份和諧。當我們說“你們”,我們並不是在說你們中特定的每個人。那些最善於聆聽這信息內容的朋友都能輕易的打開這些大門,持有住這些重點和美麗的想法,如此也能讓其他人經由時間的磨合也同樣接納。你們就是“引路人”。當我們說到你們,我們談到的是整個人類集體--包含著最高與最低的振動集合。你們每人都是一種頻率的段帶,必須一同行動。我們之前就 ​​說過,人類只有在盡可能快速的脫離這顆星球的最低振動才能真實提高。No MoreSecrets不再有秘密Now you have several things in your favor here includingyour technologies, which have given you a beautiful time of no moresecrets. That is amazing for us to watch, because in order for youto be fully conscious creators it is important that you are able tosee through what you call “secrets.” Now, everyone has secrets. Itis part of your anonymity and your autonomous behavior; it is whatyou often think separates you from other people. We are not injudgment of secrets, dear ones, we are simply telling you they arenow very hard to keep on planet Earth. Is that not wonderful?Indeed, that is an elevation of humanity. Although it is notperfect and it is certainly not equally distributed amongst otherpeople or other parts of the world, you can now see the wave thatis changing all of humanity. You are a grand conscious creator. Youdo not re-member your history in most cases for the very simplereason it would probably get in your way. Yes, it would give youconfidence but it would also tend to lead you to shortcuts. It wasyour decision to hide from yourself your own past and magnificence.Now that you are starting to emerge from an incredible wave ofdarkness, you bring the light with you. You have carried it forwardand ushered in a new age of light. These are magical times, dearones, and you are the magicians. Keep the great work in motion.Allow yourselves to understand that in every step it is possiblefor you to create consciously. Do not fear creating for yourselfbecause that is placing yourself first, which is one of the mostimportant elements about stepping into your power as a consciouscreator. The times are here. Welcome Home. Welcome to the newplanet Earth. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treateach other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunityand play this new game well together. Espavo. The group.   現在你們都擁有著幾樣你所珍愛的事物,包括你們的科技,它給予了你一種不再有更多秘密的美麗時刻。這讓觀察著的我們非常的驚喜,因為,為了讓你們成為完全擁有覺知的創造者,很重要的一點便是你能夠看清那些你們所稱之為的“秘密”,現在,每個人都有著自己的秘密。它是你不願透露的身份與自主行為的部分;這就是你們經常認為的與其他人的分離。然而它並不算完美,並且肯定的是會在與他人或是這個世界的其他部分造成不平等的分配,而現在你們能夠看到這波浪潮在如何改變著全體人類。你們都是一位擁有宏偉意識的創造者。你們並沒有想起的是,在你們的歷史上這樣簡單的問題卻總是成為你們的絆腳石。是的,秘密也許會給予你某種信心,但是它同樣也會傾向把你帶入歧途。曾是你的決定,把你從自己的過去和宏偉中隱藏了起來。現在,你們正從一種難以置信的黑暗深淵中浮現,你給自己帶來了光。你已經攜帶著它前進,並把它引入一段充滿光的新時代。這些都是魔法般的時刻,親愛的朋友們,而你們就是魔法師。請以實際的行動繼續這份偉大的工作。允許你自己懂得--在每一步的前進中,有意識的創造對你來說是可能的。不要害怕為自己創造,因為正是把你自己放在首位,這個最為重要的因素,讓你得以進入你自身的力量中,成為一位擁有覺知的創造者。  這個時刻就在這裡。歡迎回家。歡迎進入新地球。  伴隨著最高的尊重,我們也請你們也以同樣的尊重對待彼此。在每次的機會到來時用靈性的真理熏陶他人,並一起進行這個全新的遊戲。  暫別聖靈團體




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