May the blessings of love bring peace to yourbodies, minds and hearts.




Light waves intensify, thehumans of Earth feel its effects, one way or another, realizing theexpansion of light itself, or feeling somethinguncomfortable. Anyway, theLight bath served and have served to lift them ever more intensely,showing more light or showing points to be enlightened . The weatherbecomes increasingly short linearly due to compaction of the timelines, which converge quickly to the golden age-the NOW-Even you,having no more twenty-four hours of your day, expandingopportunities, on the contrary, increase and require even morealignment with your I.




This alignment with your I have asked somethingvery important: the "FORGIVENESS"-is time, beloved, of forgiveness.To take advantage of this wave and forgive yourself for everythingyou think you did wrong. Time to forgive the past,the present and venture into the bright future is Now. Yes,beloved, the future is Now. Try, beloved, the simplebreathing and feel the comfort that we ship to you. We shipconstantly our love so that you may feel and acknowledge you as youare. We never punish, never saw them as sinners. The idea of​​sin is completely fails.




Bless, o beloved, your experiences, and forgive you andforgive all those who for your lives passed and left some thread ofdarkness. Understand thatall those who, somehow, you made suffer, suffer even more becausethey had to carry the burden of executioners. Forgive you and liftyou. Were only necessary experiences for both sides, who haveserved the time required. Now it's time to let go. Are justexperiences and you need not, in any way, you grab them, or justfor the joy of experiencing things that served you were learningand expansion, because this has always been the primary idea.That's how they came down to low vibrations: in full joy for havinghad the opportunity to experience extreme situations and know thatthere could expand you even more in Light, illuminating thedarkness all around you. Come back, beloved, come back tothe primary joy …




Not perpetuate your suffering throughself-flagellation, called here of guilt, guilt for something youhave done or have failed to do. Everything is light, beloved! Andall you have experienced has been and will be a blessing in someway. Have you not read that God fragmented up and down the physicalthousands of particles to try? To experience things? Are you, dear,you are Gods, already told my beloved Son, Jesus.




The blame spreads poison in your physicalbodies, causes a decrease in red blood cells and causesconsiderable decrease of your natural defenses and, even more,blocks the channel of communication with the spiritual friends whoyou watch and wish to share with you the love of thespirit.




Beloved, time is short so that you may stand up in love,raising your vibrations and crystallize your cells throughforgiveness to others and yourself.




Remember that all the experiences that you havebeen offered had the blessing of your higher self, that architectall plausible experiments to progress in light. In my message, Ileave Light codes for that, if you wish, they come in for your eyeswhile switching on and light up your hearts, giving youencouragement so that you may you raise.




You who carrythe burden of guilt… Oh, Yes, beloved son, beloved daughter,I tell you right now: let go all of blame, resentment and any otherfeeling that is not love. Try now breathe and feel my hug. Breathe... Breathe ...




Feel my presence next to you now, my son ...Feel the peace that flows from me to you and, as in a perfecttiming, unify us in this peace. There is no difference between us.We share the same love, because we Love Supreme. We came from God.And God is.There's no guilt here, no pain, noresentment.




Visualize yourself now smiling, partying withall those who have been through your life, everyone, withoutexception. View infinite joy, loving hugs and, Yes, lets the tearsflow in your happy face. It's party time, is time for forgiveness,time of acceptance. This is the moment. All the burden out of yourshoulders. Recognizes you as a divine being, loves you and be proudfor having completed the arduous task of trying the low vibrations.Oh, beloved! ... Feel all that loving feeling that flows from younow, where there is only Peace, Forgiveness and a sense ofaccomplishment.




When a pardon arrives to you, when you give yourselves theblessing of forgiveness, you will be called to newexperiences. New people willappear in your lives, new opportunities, new energy ... Thishappens, beloved, because they let the chains of guilt and denial .Denial not to accept something that has been done to you by others,or denial of not taking something that you think have done wrong byyourself. But, when you let go, the new will come to you and youwill access the bright world that is so close to you. Is a simplebreathing.




Well beloved, I leave you now pouring over allmy blessings and involving everyone on my cloak of protection,because I am Mary, your Mother.








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