Choose to see theBeauty



The outer world is a reflection of your inner world, sofocus on the beauty within yourself, your good qualities, yourkindness, your gifts and talents. The angels wish to remind us thatwhatever we give attention to increases and grows. Choose carefullywhere your thoughts are or which ones you choose to hold andown.




Everyone has some beauty in their soul, so seek it inothers. Remind them of their good qualities and you will illuminatethem. Surround yourself with things and people with a beautifulvibration, for we are all influenced by that which is around us. Asyou tune more and more into the incredible wonder of yourself,others and the planet, your resonance becomes that of beauty.Others will perceive the radiance of your soul and be touched byit. This is how you become the change you wish to see in yourworld.




Affirm: "I recognize the beauty within me and see it allthings around me.





通靈:Sharon Taphorn

翻譯:Nick Chan

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