I am Pleiadian oforigin. I am feminine of nature and I am love as are you. You willfeel my presence as I connect with you for you all are containedwithin my heart. It is important for you as humans to see thebeauty in your life, in your day, and in your physical being. Youspill so much life force being angry at the way you look the wayyour life has been, and the cards and the card game that you havebeen dealt. You look at each other with pointed thoughts and sharpwords. Your eyes go green and your heart grows cold as you viewanother who has obtained a little more light, a little more beauty,a little more self confidence – not because they were born with it,but because they have the gift and ability to see those beautifulqualities in others.




The only way to claimyour beauty wealth and love is to see it in others. For the worldmirrors your own reflection. If you do not feel worthy andprosperous, you see that in your own reflection. It is important toaddress and see the magic of someone winning your lottery games.Congratulate them energetically and send them love as they haveenergetically earned this monetary gift. See the true energeticvalue of your home and your car. Do not focus on the thought ofdepreciate but instead focus on the thought appreciate. Allow whatyou have ownership of to gain value through you. You gain valuewhen you see the value of others. You gain your beauty when you seethe beauty of others. And you gain your wealth when you are notjealous of someone doing well, but rejoice in their good fortune.For their good fortune means that your good fortune is right aroundthe next corner, the next thought.





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