Reaffirm your Intentions




This has been a bitof a confusing time on the earth plane and if you have been feelinga tad unsure or even down right confused by all that has been goingon around you, take a bit of time and get your focus back. Reaffirmyour intentions or the goals you wish to attain during this nextphase and do not procrastinate. It is important to use certainwindows as launching points for those intentions and this is one ofthose times.




Decisiveness is thecatalyst for the angels to clear the way for your manifestations,so get yourself really clear. If you are stuck or indecisive, theUniverse doesn't know what you want. It is important to clearlydecide what direction or goals you choose and then focus on them,then the energy is stronger. Let go of the fears or the worries andfocus only on the destination and the joy that it takes you toreach it.




Pay attention to thedoors that are opening for you and learn from the doors that areclosed. Keep a positive outlook about your dreams, and imagine thatthey've already manifested into reality. Spend time each daydevoted to projects that are dear to your heart.




Affirm: "I am focusedand clear on the goals I am creating and clearly see the best pathappearing before me."




And so itis




You are dearly loved andsupported, always, the angels and guides





通靈:Sharon Taphorn

翻譯:Nick Chan

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