Youare Powerful




It is time to realizeyour true power and that it is safe for you to be empowered. Youare born with a natural power that often gets stifled or dialeddown, and now is the time to bring forth this strength, nurture itand watch it grow. Stretch yourself to fulfill all of yourpotential and hold mighty visions for yourself. You are surroundedby magical energy and opportunities. Find the wisdom within youwhich enables you to heal, grow and release any undesired patterns.Hold the intention of seeing and feeling your inner Divine lightand goodness and then consciously choose to see this light ineveryone around you.




Your angels can helpyou release any unforgiving thoughts, feelings, and energies youare holding about yourself and your life, and can lift you to ahigher place of compassion and peace. Ask for help from the angelsand they will guide and inspire you to raise your consciousness andlive at a higher level of understanding and being.




Affirm: "I ampowerful. I believe in myself and my abilities more each day and asI do, I become a more powerful source of creativity, love, andinspiration."




And so itis




You are dearly loved andsupported, always, the angels and guides





通靈:Sharon Taphorn

翻譯:Nick Chan

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