Let yourself be inthe flow




The art of allowingand giving up the need to be in control of how events unfold isoften a learned skill that requires a bit of retraining. Allow inwhat you have been asking for and let go of any resistance as soonas you notice it creeping in. When doubt or fear or any otherthought that is less than what you desire enters your mind, askthat it be immediately transformed into thoughts that areproductive and helpful, in alignment with your goals andintentions. When you feel there is a blockage ask your angels tohelp you release it and transform it by looking deeper into thatblock and where it began. It might not always be pleasant to delvedeeper but it will get better and the sooner it is transformed, themore you can allow.




When you flow withthe energy and currents around you, you are in harmony with your world and connectedto the natural flow with the River of Life. You are in step withall that is around you and it is a glorious feeling indeed. If youfind yourself or any part of you disconnected from your source orinner being, take a moment and connect with the heart of the earth,the trees, the stars, and feel this natural connection within. Youare a part of each other and that connection makes you stronger.Connect with the heavens and the stars and whatever that means toyou, for it is also a part of you and helps to make you stronger.Allow these natural connections to assist you and let the magic ofthe Universe guide your way.




Affirm: "Iam allowing myself to be in the flow with the River of Life. I knowthat many wonderful opportunities are coming my way and I am opento becoming more aware of them and to receive them."






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