Matters have suddenly taken a turn that signifies the endof the Cabals influence, as far as its ability to dictate themanner in which future events manifest. Their plan has been putback partly by the extraordinary response of the people, who havegalvanised themselves into groups that are devoting their time tothe Light of Truth. The full extent of the power of the Illuminatimay not be known to them, but instead of confrontation they haverealised that giving more strength to the Light, more than balancesthe scales. Indeed, with the help of other forces of Light they canspeed ahead with the changes that are destined to ensure theirvictory. There is a way to go yet, but what you will see are thesigns that clearly confirm the direction you are going in. Theenergies for change are growing all of the time and as the old onesfall away the new ones will bring about desirable. It will clearlysignal that you are taking bold steps to ensure that Ascension isnot delayed and continues approaching.    問題已突然的轉向,標誌著陰謀集團影響力的終結,直到他們對於未來事件顯現方向的干擾的消失。由於來自人民非凡力量的直接回應,他們的詭計已部分被撤銷,那些已尋回真實自己的人以團體的方式貢獻著時間和精力把真理的光芒呈現了出來。光照派全部的勢力範圍也許並未被他們所了解,但是取代直接的對抗,他們明白了一個事實---便是給予“光”更多強大的力量,比“平衡”曾經的“失衡”做的更多更多。確實,伴隨著其他光明勢力的協助,他們能夠迅速的伴隨著這些轉變前進,注定實現他們的勝利。確實還有一段路要走,不過你們會親眼看到這些跡象,清楚的肯定你們正行進方向的正確。轉變的能量至始至終都在成長,由於陳舊事物的崩塌,全新的一切將帶來令人滿意的結果。將會出現清楚無疑的跡象,你們正大膽的前進確保著揚升沒有延遲且不斷的靠近。With the introduction of the Plasma Reactor Unit it hasso to say set the first stage of real change into action. Itremains to be seen how the information will be received and if anyattempts to delay it can be overcome. Certainly the manner in whichit has been made public through the Keshe Foundation ensures thatit will be introduced through many, many different sources. Thisalone will make it difficult for anyone opposed to it to, tocompletely halt its progress. However, now that the information hasbeen released, it will be very interesting to see the generalreaction to it. We foresee that such a life changing invention willbe eagerly accepted, and be the first of many to lift the qualityof your lives. So travel the rest of the way to freedom, knowingthat nothing will be allowed to interfere with the path you havechosen. There are other changes being prepared, but first let ussee how you cope with the present situation. Whatever problems youencounter, they cannot have any real impact on the excellentprogress you are making. It should not take much to make you realise that theplans for your Ascension are well on track, and many Beings outsideof Earth have given their support to ensure your success. So wealong with the Sphere Alliance and the Blue Avians are yourassurance that absolutely no interference will be able to halt theprogress being made. As you must realise, powerful Beings frombeyond your Earth have planned your success, and no matter what thedark Ones do to try and stop you, they will not succeed. The planhas been in place for eons of time and this cycle is now destinedto end in success. You have had your disappointments in the past,but this time you will be celebrating with us and other souls whohave accompanied you.    伴隨著“等離子體反應器”的介紹,不得不說將是真實轉變呈現的首個階段。還有待觀察的是這個信息將被如何的接受,同時任何妨礙它的企圖都能夠得以克服。肯定的方面是它將通過“凱史基金”被公佈於眾,並確保通過許多不同的渠道被予以介紹。對於任何企圖反對它,或是完全阻止它的進程都將是很難的事情。不過,現在這個消息已經被公佈,那麼很有趣的事情便是看著大眾會如何回應。我們預見到的是作為一種生活方式的轉變,這個發明會被積極的接受,同時對於許多人來說將是你們生活品質的首度提升。也因此行走完接下來通往自由的道路,並清楚的明白任何事情都不會被允許干擾這條由你們已選定的道路。還有著其他轉變正準備中,但首先,讓我們看一看你們會如何的應對當前的局勢(譯者:凱氏基金將在十月中旬公佈十分重要的新科技)。不論你們遭遇到何種的問題,它們都不可能真正的影響到你們正在創造中的神奇進程。   並不需要太多的工作便能夠讓你們了解,為你們而製定的揚升計劃正很好的處於正軌,同時許多來自地球之外的存有正提供著他們的支持,確保你們的成功。如此我們連同著“球體艦隊聯盟”和“藍鳥人”的協助,都是你們不受干擾的真實確保,不會出現對於當前進程的妨礙。作為你們也必須了解,超出你們地球層面的力量強大的存有早已計 ​​劃好了你們的成功,並且不管黑暗勢力如何企圖並阻止你們都根本不是問題,他們絕不會成功。這份計劃在億萬年前就已落實完備,同時這次的周期在此刻注定是以勝利結尾。在過去你們有著失望,但這一次你們將是在與我們和其他一直伴隨著你們的光之存有的歡慶聲中結束旅程。Fear is your biggest problem, which is why we promote ahappy ending to the cycle. We have often reminded you that the darkOnes live off the energy of fear, which is why it is essential thatyou avoid creating it. They still try to make you doubtful andfearful as they plan to fake an alien attack upon Earth. Do notfall for their tactics and know that we will handle any attempt tocarry it out. This is to be your time, your success and no one cantake it away from you. You have earnt it and lifted yourselves upafter the most trying conditions have been imposed upon you. Themost acceptable change is in your attitude and approach to the darkOnes, who can no longer intimidate you as they have done in thepast. These are the times when you can congratulate yourselvesfor having come to the end of your journey. The result was never indoubt, yet at the same time success was not guaranteed but youovercame the many challenges. You never lost faith in yourselves oryour many friends and co-workers from other dimensions. Until youare able to see the whole picture you will not realise the greateffort you have put in, and at times how many of you worked forlong periods alone. It has required immense faith on your part andyou have come through with flying colours. Although you did not doit for personal reward, the fact remains that you gained much fromyour experiences. You will carry your experiences with you and theywill serve you well in the future. No effort you put in for theLight is wasted regardless of how small it is, as you are part of agroup that incarnated to act as a collective. In time you will havea full appreciation and understanding of your lifetimeachievements.    恐懼是你們最大的問題,這也是為何我們指出這次週期是以歡樂結局的原因。我們經常的提醒你們,黑暗勢力正是以“恐懼的能量”為食,這也是為何如此的緊要--你們要避免創造它(恐懼)。他們依舊會試圖造成你們的懷疑和恐懼,如此他們也計劃了一次外星人襲擊地球的虛假操作。千萬不要落入他們的策略中並清楚的明白他們將運用任何的企圖來執行它(譯者:大家應該最近也發現,國內的一些知名網站最近都在報導有關外星人的新聞,多為負面報導,也是需要予以警惕,不要陷入他們的“恐懼營銷”)此刻是你們的時代,你們的成功,沒有誰能夠從你們這里奪走。你們早已贏得了它,並且在最為限制的條件下,那些強加給你們的一切束縛中你們已經提升了自己。最讓人欣慰的改變就是---你們態度的轉變以及應對黑暗勢力的方法,他們無法再繼續像過去那樣恐嚇你們。      此刻應該是你們慶祝著自己能獲准前來完成你們的旅程。這個結果從未有過疑問,不過在同一時刻成功也曾經還未被完全保證,除非你們克服這許多的挑戰。你們從未對自己或是你們許多的朋友,以及來自其他不同維度的合作者們失去過信心。直到你們能夠清楚的看清全部的畫面之前,你們都無法了解到自己已付出多麼巨大的努力,並且有時候你們中有許多人長期以來也一直如何孤獨的工作著。在你這裡,這的確需要巨大的信念和信心,然而你們卻大獲全勝。雖然你們並不是為了個人的所得在做,但事實就是你們從自身的體驗中已獲得大量的經驗。你們將攜帶著這些經驗,而它們將在未來很好的服務你。即便它顯得有多麼微小,你對於“光”所貢獻的服務和努力都不會白費,因為你是一個團隊中的一份子,作為一種集體的聯合力量而轉生到此。很快你們將獲得一次全面的鑑別並了解到你這一生所獲得的成就。You have waited a long time for the encouraging signsthat are now to be seen around you. However, you still need to bepatient as signs of early success are only the start of a period ofchanges that will still need time to fully manifest. However, we donot wish to take away your joy and enthusiasm, but allow sufficienttime for things to fully progress. The seeds have been sown andnothing can now prevent the outcome that the Lightworkers havewished for. Clearly until the Press and Television have beenreleased from the restrictions imposed upon them , you are not goingto be given full details of the changes taking place. The dark Ones are plotting to try and make one lastattempt to stop your progress, but it will be to no avail becausethere is now way that they can make their plans without ourknowledge . So Dear Ones, do not let them unnerve you or raisedoubts in your minds as if you could see the future as we do, youwould know that it is assured. The future is bright and MotherEarth is preparing for Ascension for which she is greatly thankful ,particularly after many cycles that have ended in catastrophes. Aswe have informed you a number of times, the Universe awaits yourupliftment into the higher vibrations. You may be a small speck inthe Ocean of Planets but nevertheless are a very important one inits evolution.    你們已等待了很久,此刻鼓舞人心的跡像已經可以在你們的周圍被看到。不過,你們依舊需要耐心,因為早期的成功跡象僅僅是一個轉變時期的開始,它需要充足的時間顯現出來。當然,我們也絕不希望奪走你們的喜悅和熱情,只是也請你們允許充分的時間讓事情全面的鋪開。種子早已播種完畢,沒有什麼能夠阻止光之工作者們期盼已久的最終結果。清楚的是直到新聞媒體和電視台從壓制在它們身上的限制中獲得自由之前,你們還是無法全面的獲得正在發生的轉變的真實細節。   黑暗勢力正在密謀,以最後的企圖阻止你們的進程,不過這都是徒勞無用的,因為絕不可能的情形是他們的計劃不會被我們清楚的洞悉。所以,親愛的朋友們,不要因為他們而使你失去勇氣或升起懷疑的態度,即便你們無法和我們一樣看到未來的真實景象,你們也會本能的知道它是被確保的。未來是光明的,地球母親正準備著揚升,對此她被給予了極大的感激,尤其是在許多次以災難毀滅結束的周期之後。正如我們已告知你們許多次的,宇宙等待著你們提升進入到更高的振動。在行星的海洋中你們也許只是滄海一粟,但不管怎樣以它的進化路程來說都是相當重要的。For you each week we may bring exciting news as youanticipate the changes that are in hand. When you look back youwill realise that everything has been in the process of change fora long time, but it is only now that it is becoming obvious to you. Bear in mind that to bring in the new, the old has to be changed orremoved and that may cause you temporary inconvenience but it willnot last long. All matters are now quickly moving along as timecontinues to speed up, as many of you have noticed. Have no doubtthat the old ways are no longer suitable for the new Man that isemerging out of the ashes of the old one. Already you are adaptingto the new ideas and it only remains for them to fullymanifest. Iam SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you the changes will speed up yourarrival into the New Age along with all of the advantages that comewith it. Our craft frequently appear in your skies and should giveyou a feeling of security. Be assured that we never use force, butif need be we will protect our craft if they are threatened byothers. Our intent is to be a peaceful force for the good ofall. So I leave you with our blessings and love for a safejourney to the higher dimensions that are your truehome.    每個星期,我們也許會帶來激動人心的消息,作為你們對於唾手可得的轉變的期待。當你們回首今時今日的時候就會明白,在很長一段時間以來每件事情都處在轉變的進程中,只是直到現在才對你們顯得明顯。請記住,為了把新的一切帶來,陳舊的事物必須被改變或是被移除,而這也許會遭致你們臨時性的不便,但它並不會持續太久。所有的問題此刻都在迅速的解決,而時間也在不斷的加速中,這點你們中的許多人早已註意到。毫無疑問的是,陳舊的方式不再符合“新人類”的標準,它正從陳舊一切的塵埃中浮現出嶄新光輝。當然你們早已向著這些全新的想法調整自己,它僅僅是在等待著全面的顯現。   我是來自天狼星的SaLuSa,並告訴你們這些轉變即將加速,而你們走入新時代的抵達將伴隨著隨之而來的全部優點。我們的飛船正頻繁的出現在你們的天空,也會給予你們一些安全的感受。請確信,我們永遠不會使用武力,但如果需要我們會保護自己的飛船,僅僅在遭到其他攻擊的威脅前提下。我們的宗旨是---成為為一切眾生利益而行動的一支和平力量。   那麼帶著我們愛與光的祝福今天我離開你們,為的是一段安全的旅程,返回你們真實家園的更高維度。Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey Website: Tree ofthe Golden Light譯者U2覺醒

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