Beloved Sisters and Brothers of Earth – we welcome you inthe all-embracing love and the light, that unifies us. We are theSirius Siblings and we are very near to you now in these words. Theveils of separation are nearly dissolved and the big changes – relating to you and Gaia – are very near – to break through. Thechanges are of immense nature – and your life and being willexperience a complete realignment and reorientation. Imagine how itis – when the doctrines of all human and all of their creatingthoughts – suddenly awake in you – into an inner awareness – into anew and lovingly relation towards the source – towards love – thatcirculates in all and where all arisefrom.  
The source has a very special plan – beloved earthlings.The source is beaming its light unconditionally towards all life – to nourish all with love and harmony. By your choice – to dive intothe density of duality – many humans have forgotten their soullight and the source within and look – where did it lead in yourworld. It has created a state of imbalance – which now – can nolonger be maintained – now – when all the high energies areemanating from the central sun toyou.     摯愛的地球兄弟姐妹們,在聯合著我們的愛與光的全然擁抱中我們歡迎你們。我們是天狼星的光之兄弟姐妹,在此刻的話語中我們非常的接近你們。分離的幻象帷幕幾乎就要溶解,而大的轉變,關係到你們和地球母親蓋亞的,十分的接近突破。這些本質上的巨大轉變--你們的生活和你們的存在將體驗到一種完全的再度校準和再度定位。想像一下它是如何的,當人類的所有信條和他們所有的創造性想法突然之間在你這裡被喚醒,進入一種內在的知曉,一種與偉大源頭相關聯的全新紐帶--朝向著“愛”,在所有一切萬物中傳遞和升騰時會是何種的景象。   偉大源頭有著一份十分特殊的計劃,摯愛的地球眾生。偉大源頭正輻射出祂的光芒,以“無條件”的方式朝向所有的生命,帶著愛與和諧培育著一切。經由你們的選擇,沉降到了這個稠密的二元性世界,許多人已經忘記了他們靈魂的光芒和內在源頭,看看它已經把你們世界引向了何處?它所創造出的是一種“失衡”的狀態,而在此刻,無法再繼續被維持,現在,全部的高層能量正從偉大的中央太陽發送給你們。Love – unconditional love – returns the balance in youand into your world. Unconditional love – unconditional giving –unconditional acceptance – this is the truth and reality of thesource – that always exists – in every aspect of creation – onlyyour vibration of your believe and of your word do have the power –to bring you into another reality – because you are powerful andevery word and every thought are creating the reality – as you canthen envision. Therefore it is not up to us – to impose any concepts onyou and to cram ideas into you – we are here – to support you –with your process of awakening – remembering. We are likeobstetricians – that are guiding you on your path and through thisprocess – and we are doing this in love – and with an infinitetrust.    愛--無條件的愛,在你的身上帶來平衡並帶入你們的世界。無條件的愛,無條件的給予,無條件的接納--這才是偉大源頭的真理和實相,它永遠存在於創造的每個面向,只是你們“信念”的振動,以及你們的話語也有著這份力量,把你帶入到另一個現實。因為你們都是如此的有力量,每個話語和想法都在創造出實相,以你們預想的方式。   因此,這並非取決於我們,我們也不會強加任何的觀點在你們身上,或是填塞各種想法在你們頭腦裡,我們只是來到這裡,協助你們面對你們覺醒的進程--回憶的過程。我們就像是產科醫生,在引領著你們處於你們的道路並通過這個過程,同時我們是帶著愛在進行,也伴隨著一份無窮盡的信任。Just realise – that you are creator beings and that youare now – really important - for this transition into the newearth. The great changes are at your doorstep – and we help you toopen – this door – this gate. The new earth – the new humanBeing –a peaceful and lovingly togetherness – want to be lived andrealised now.  So be ready now and open your heart to this changes. Weare connected in flow of love and light – as sisters and brothersof the All-One-Being. We are the Sirius Siblings. In Love, Joy and Unity........ ShogunAmona     只是要明白,你們都是創造者的存在,而且你們此刻是如此的重要,為了這次進入“新地球”的過渡。偉大的轉變就在你們的門口,而我們在幫助你們打開這扇門,這個門戶。新地球--新人類,一種和平且充滿愛的聯合力量,希望在此刻被鮮活的體現和明了。   就在現在,請準備好,同時敞開你的心靈面向這次轉變。我們在愛與光的流動中彼此連接著,我們是處於“萬物一體”中的兄弟姐妹。我們是天狼星的光之兄弟姐妹。   在愛,喜悅與聯合中。。。Shogun Amona 源頭英文翻譯PetraSt 中文翻譯U2覺醒     隨時歡迎每位朋友來到U2覺醒引領的免費且純淨的靈性修行QQ群【111619861】【321440143】。也請轉載的朋友保持信息的完整,包括譯者的這段結語,也是對翻譯者勞動的尊重和支持,謝謝。



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