Dear Ones, so many of you have become soserious! Serious aboutyour energetics, serious about ascension, serious aboutrelationships, serious about manifestation. We love your lovely,mindful natures, but where is the fun? We urge you to infuse joyand love into all your creations, for it is the high vibrationalenergy of joy and love that will tr​​ansform everything far fasterthan seriousness ever can.




We understand thatyou are simply honouring your service contracts to the best of yourabilities, and many of you have attempted great shifts before andhad them not work out. But that is not be the case this time! Youhave already long ago passed the tipping point. Now it is time toenjoy the ride. Savour your creations! Have fun! Delight in thefact that you are present to experience these amazing andunprecedented times. It is time to shrug off the perceived heavyburden of ascension and put the light back in enlightenment.~Archangel Gabriel







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