Howoften have you have you considered yourself tolerant and good, thenout of nowhere something happens that has you recoiling, grittingyour teeth, fuming to lash out at the person who has upset you? Tobe tolerant dear ones, it is necessary to comprehend what tolerancemeans. Tolerance comes with the understanding that you allow, bothinward and outward of others to be different from you, that it isokay if others have different beliefs than your own and may notfollow your way of thinking. You have experienced many times inyour life already where tolerance was required . But what usuallyoccurs is one dear soul pressures another to be more patient, to bemore tolerant that is defensive. No one is perfect. Everyone makesmistakes and has suffered upset and turmoil. When you work onimproving your own self, you will see that there are others justlike you going through the similar changes. Don't be so quick tojudge, acknowledge your sameness. Let your differences bring youtogether, instead of further apart.




The more intolerant you become, the more your egotakes over and you become more self-centered. When you takemeasures to reduce your own intolerance, you are really lighteningyour spiritual pressure and burden which removes any inner blockagepertaining to your path. When you have issues regarding how yourelate with others, you begin by looking at your inner self,exploring and discovering where the upset came from. Many times allthe other person did was trigger something that was simmering for along time to come to the surface. When disharmony makes itselfknown, it's an opportunity for you to turn that around and bringharmony back into your life. When you feel disharmonic, quite oftenyou display antipathy towards the ones that upset you or at bestneutrality. But when you focus on healing and dissolvingintolerance, your confusion turns into clarity and your perceptionchanges, it becomes brighter and more knowing.




When you go inward to explore what it is that upsets you,you find you have many blemishes in your attitude and it is thoseblemishes that will help you turn things around and become moretolerant of others, but first you need to become tolerant ofyourself. How does one become tolerant of themselves? To be moretolerant of yourself, you need to accept what your personallimitations are in regards to your mental, emotional, and physicalfaculties. When you apply tolerance towards yourself you arehelping yourself improve in many areas as you come face-to -facewith your truth. As long as continue to not accept any unchangeablepart of yourself you will not be able to accept others.




It is essential dear ones to learn what it is you canand want to change and what it is that is unchangeable and acceptwho you are completely. You need to ask yourself some penetratingquestions that will require your absolute honesty: Are the changesyou are to make really, truly worth your time and effort? Onequestion may lead to another offering different answers and youchoose what is agreeable with your heart, something you are willingto commit to follow through in order to make a positivedifference.




When you tackle the aspects of yourself the needchanging, by applying an attitude of tolerance towards your actionsand choices you will encourage a greater possibility of completingthose changes. The moment you become intolerant, you are simplyadding more pressure and preventing any change from taking place.If you can truly accept yourself, then you can accept all ofyourself, even in the way you do things in order to become moretolerant of others.




Asyou take the time to evaluate what it is in you that could use somechange and more patience, determine if you can allow others,including those in your family to be who they are, accepting themfor the differences they bring? Are you able to allow your partnerto be his or herself and not try to reform their beliefs and way ofliving? If you are trying to change how your friends or familylives, become their role model. Demonstrate through your actions,choices and words why following your path or a path similar isbeneficial to them, let them choose without force and if they likebeing where they are then love them for being who they are, just asthey are.




Understand dear ones, intolerance does not encouragelove, it raises animosity and is known to waste the precious energyof those it inhabits like a poison. When you let go of anintolerant attitude what you are doing dear ones is giftingyourself a great gift of patience, understanding and acceptancetowards others, regardless what label or group they belong to. Youare able to see that they too are simply trying to get throughtheir day, their life in the best way possible. They too might notmake the best choices all of the time, they are just trying to dowhat is best for them. Recognizing the humanness in each other,seeing that you are more the same than different will help bringyou together instead of further apart.




Deciding to become more tolerant is more than an activechoice, it's also a deliverance from old stagnant ways of being andmoves you towards being able to observe more acute intoleranceaspects that might be lurking and waiting to raise its ugly headinside of you. To see intolerance more clearly , you need to becomeaware of its effects on you. When you become aware of howintolerance makes you feel, then you are more observant of thethoughts and feelings that pass through you. Tell yourself dearones that you are more than any self-centered thought or feeling .Intolerance may be a visitor to your consciousness, but it doesn'thave to claim you or stay with you.




Forthose on a spiritual path, does it matter if you are tolerant ornot? It is hard to move forward positively while harboring venomousthoughts and attitudes towards others. To move in the directionyour heart is taking you that is aligned with the Heart of God, thepurer your heart is the purer your journey becomes. Cultivati​​ng apure heart is necessary dear ones if you want to attain deeperlevels of consciousness and connectedness with God. Whenever youpermit intolerance to poison you, you are also creating a blockagein your connection with God. Learning to become patient andtolerant with one's self is a lot of work and a great challenge. Itis one that is on-going and requires daily upkeep, but providesmany long-lasting rewards. As we near the end of our transmission,think about where in your life you can become more tolerant andpatient. Not only will you be doing yourself a whole lot of good,your relationships and interactions with others will also benefitfor the better.





通靈:Julie Miller

翻譯:Nick Chan


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