Time isrunning out! Time is of the illusion, ofthe dream or nightmare, and dreams themselves last only amoment. Yes, they frequently appear to occupylong and ongoing periods of time as your expectations, anxieties,fears, and hopes fill your minds with “what if” thoughts thatdistract you from living in the now moment, the only “real” timethat exists. The now moment is the eternalmoment, the moment in which you were created and which never ends,there is, in truth, only now. Any other time, although seeminglyvery real, is unreal. That is very hard for you to grasp as youstruggle with the endless selection of issues and situations thedream state constantly brings to your attention, which was thewho​​le purpose for constructing it. It is indeedvery confusing for you because of the extreme and inordinate limitsthat you placed on the human vehicles that you built for yourselvesso that you could experience as convincingly as possible the stateof separation from God, our divine Source; or even apparentcomplete abandonment by that loving energy field in which all ofcreation has its eternal existence.




You are, always havebeen and always will be, One with God! There isnothing else, there is nowhere else, there is onlyGod. And God and You are VAST. Limited as you presently are by the confining nature of your humanbodies it is utterly impossible for you to have even the slightestunderstanding of what this means. To you, theUniverse in which planet Earth is situated, seems unimaginablyvast, with planets, solar systems, galaxies, and even otheruniverses separated by unimaginable quantities of empty space. Itis mind-boggling, and yet it is nothing!




As you have so oftenbeen told, when God created you He gave you everything that Hehad. All the power, all the creative ideas, allthe energy, and all the Love! You, like He, areLove. You can do anything that He cando. In a moment of thoughtlessness– there is no such state, but it is the only waywith words that I can give you any idea of​​ what happened– you chose to separate yourself from Him to“prove” to yourself that you had no need of Him . But what is One cannot be split off into pieces, separated intomultitudes, left alone or unaccompanied. Ifseparation from your Source was possible – and itmost certainly is not – the act of separatingyourself off would annihilate you. Your existencewould cease instantly as though you had never existed atall.




God creates in Love,always, and Love is eternal. What He createsnever ends but lives forever in eternal joy. Andwhen you choose to create what you create exists with those samedivine properties, in a state of eternal joy. When you go within, to your inner sanctuary, the place where theflame of divine Love – the life force– burns continuously, and if you choose to seethrough the veil you placed there to hide It, you will then have anabsolutely mind-blowing experience, a never to be forgottenexperience, and you will understand the meaning of being One withGod.




All on Earth at thismoment chose to be here to assist in the awakeningprocess. Understand, that being One with God, youhad infinite ability to construct the illusion that apparentlycontains you and all within it of which you are physicallyaware. You gave each aspect of yourself– billions and billions of you– free will as God had given it toyou. For your awakening to happen all thosebillions must freely agree to it. Collectivelyyou have chosen to awaken, and your task on Earth is to share andextend the field of Love by constantly demonstrating Love inaction. When you complete this task no one willbe any longer be able to avoid seeing and experiencing Love forwhat It truly and eternally is, and then all willawaken.




To awaken from thedream, to dissolve and disperse the illusion is humanity'spurpose. Entering the illusion to experience lifewithout God was but a momentary idea that collapsed as soon as ithappened. However, you chose to cling to it forthe rather wild ride it seemed to provide, and which it continuesto provide for so many of you today. ​​Because youhad constructed it with your brilliant mind to be totallybelievable, it convinced you that it was real, and that the myriadforms in which it presented itself to you were an amazing arena inwhich you existed separated from God, fromHeaven. An arena from which, if you livedaccording to the rules – and there are so manyrules! – you would one day return to the Presenceof God.




And of course it isGod's Will that you return, that you awaken, because His eternalWill for you is infinite and uninterrupted joy. Having momentarily set your will at odds with the divine Will, youhave now chosen to realign with It and awaken into His lovingPresence, that is, to become once more aware of your inseparableOneness with Him. The joy of that awakening isbeyond description. Words are far too limiting amedium to use to attempt to depict the wonders that await you onyour inevitable and unavoidable awakening. Poetshave tried, so have artists and musicians with their creativeskills, but none have come anywhere near success, although many oftheir attempts have been inspiring and uplifting foryou.




Bring that moment onby daily entering your inner and most holy sanctuary and remakingthe intent that humanity awaken from the dream into the brilliantLight of God's Presence. That is your divinetask, the task you willingly chose to undertake when you you madethe loving decision to incarnate on Earth at thistime. You have infinite support from all in thespiritual realms in every moment, so when you experience doubts,fears, or anxieties, call on us and we willrespond. You will feel our loving presence if youlet go of those doubts, fears, and anxieties even for a moment, andreassured by the experience you will find the strength and thedetermination to bring all Home to the Presence of God.




With so very muchlove, Saul.






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