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Welcome and Blessingsto all of you who serve the Light! I am your Cosmic Friend andServant in the Light! I AM Saint Germaine!




The Ruby Heart of Mother Earth isglowing sweetly. She has felt the needs of her children in theLight and received your prayers for Peace and Love. Her Heart isoverflowing now! You have done well as you surrendered yourpersonal love and magnified your Universal Love Energy to enrichthe lives of all forms of life on Earth. The rivers, mountains andforests are radiating Life Force more than any time on Earth sinceLemuria. The Gateways between the physical worlds and the realms ofDivine Beings have opened from your magnificent Love Prayers. Everyliving being is feeling satisfied with your efforts and their liveshave been restored with new Love and Light. Mother Earth ishappy.




Do you know thatMother Earth and all the gods and devas are now prepared to helpheal your planet and reawaken the Earth's original purpose tocreate a Paradise on Earth? Every form of life is now free to passbetween the worlds and enjoy their Light Body. All of yourenvironmental issues can be resolved as Mother Earth begins herhealing process. Even your nuclear problems can be healed and alllife forms restored to their original perfect balance in Nature.The oceans and forests of this world will start to be rejuvenated.This process will take time, but it has already begun. A good startis the best start! Offering your Love to Mother Earth has started awave of renewal that will multiply every time you offer your heartto Cosmic Love and Light.




Your world will be restored andwithin 150 years all life will be ready for a mass Ascension intothe realms of Paradise. This is not an end! This is a NewBeginning! The physical density of this earth vibration is slowlybeing lifted into a higher dimension. As the Earth Ascends, yourperception will be transformed to reveal the higher frequencybeings that have been heretofore invisible to your humaneyes.




Perhaps you arewondering why it must take so long! The answer is quite simple,every form of life must adapt to this new environment gradually.Otherwise it would be not only a shock to the man-made structuresof economy and government, but it would also affect the interactionbetween all forms of physical life on planet Earth. As humanconsciousness Ascends into higher levels of perception, so too willthe behaviors of every form of life be transformed into a higherSpiritual Reality. This can only happen when human beings havedeveloped more Compassion and Love for every form of life onEarth.




You have all taken giant steps tochange the motivati​​ons of your heart and become more conscious ofthe life of every living being around you. We bring you thismessage now to encourage you to keep taking your steps to improveyour Compassion and generate more Love to everyone and everythingaround you . Be gentle with your self! The Time for Ascension hasbegun. Rest in your human heart and watch how quickly you becomeDivine! No effort. No criticism. No pushing against the flow ofyour own Nature. Just simple innocence and openness to the path ofSpiritual Goodness . Bless you! I AM Saint Germaine!



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