Beloved Ones,

Asyou let go of all your old ideas and expectations of how thingsshould be and open yourselves to the new dimensions of reality thatare coming forward, you are individually, and collectively, beinggiven the direction of the next step on your path and the greaterpart you are playing in the overall plan for humanity'sevolutionary journey. Pay attention to the trends that come upthrough the words in conversations with others, books that you arenow reading, the stories on the news media and the movies that youare watching. Quite often, Spirit works through these avenues tobring awareness to you of the direction each of you and the greatercollective are now traversing. These all offers hints and clues ofthat which comes forward at this time to give guidance anddirection. You will know the way forward by being still andlistening to still small voice within you. As you make connectionwith the higher aspects of your being, you tap into the eternalsource of the divine which is the true source of your power. As youalign with divine will, it invites the resolution and manifestationof all that you need to realize in the understanding of your truepurpose for being on the planet in this moment of now.



Allthat you have been visioning and intending is now coming togetherto create the reality you have been seeking but you must let go ofany preconceived notions of how this should be and just let ithappen. By always intending the highest good and the highestoutcome for all, you activate the invisible universal forces thatwork in unison with you to bring into manifestation all that youdesire. Allow this new impetus to do its work in your lives and gowith the flow of the events as they come forth. Have faith that youare on the correct path to bring to you the highest and greatestgood that you have desired. Accept all that you are offered andopen the gates of gratitude so that the flow continues. As yourelease your attachment to the outcomes of that which you haveenvisioned, you open the floodgates of the true measure of theessence of what you have been seeking and it will surely come indivine timing, bringing success in all of youraspirations.


Yourcreative projects will bring success as you align with the divineconsciousness of all life in the cosmos and which brings to you themanifestation of your higher destiny and highest outcomes. Acceptall that is surfacing with love and discernment within your heart.You are exactly where you need to be on your spiritual journey andall is unfolding with grace and ease. It is a good time to be proudof your accomplishments in your individual and combined efforts andto allow your greater light to shine. Be alert to the possibilityof picking up the energies and the feelings of others. Reset yourboundaries should you see that this is occurring. Maintain ahealthy self respect and self esteem as you remember that you areas unique and as worthy as any of your sisters and brothers who arealso co-creating their realities. It is the commonality in mutualgoals that must be focused on and how best to serve in that respectrather than allowing others to override your own inner knowing ofthe path you should follow. Stay true to yourself in allthings.


Recognize the truly divine being that you are and theperfection of your path in life so far. It is through travelingthat path, with all its challenges, obstacles and experiences thatyou are now in this new place which beckons before you. Explorethis new place and begin to discover all the limitlesspossibilities that your expanded consciousness, awareness,connection and purpose brings to your inner knowing and make themost of that knowing in creative and loving ways. Look upon yoursisters and brothers in the highest light, love and compassion andin this way you empower each of them to be all that they can be.Move through life with more strength, courage and confidence in thedirection of your goals, to achieve all that you desire and be notafraid to express your individuality. Speak your truth when needed,with honesty and integrity when you communicate with others andknow that you are worthy of being listened to and heard. From thisplace of empowerment, you will always feel happy and content, justby being you.


Whatever it is that you wish to create in the world, itmust first be cultivated from within in a clear vision of what youtruly desire. The picture you hold in your mind of how you seeyourself serving and creating, working and living will bring theneeded support in manifesting this into your reality. See and feelthis vision clearly, acting as if you have already manifested andreceived it. Visualize yourselves in your desired situations asthough it is already real. Spend time in experiencing how it feelsto be there, what it looks like and what it tastes like. Startthinking and acting as though it is already manifested in yourdaily existence. Love whatever it is that you do and celebrate yourcreations as they come into fruition. Experience how good it feelsto have your true inner light moving through you into the world. Itis time for you to shine!


Untilnext week… 
I AM Hilarion





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