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Dear Ones,You climbedyour mountain and you are free – you just have not yet acceptedthat you are. You are a bit like elephants trained from infancy tostay in one area with a rope that they could easily break free ofas an adult.




You arefree.




Even though youaccept freedom with your logical mind, you have difficultiesbelieving you are free – so you are not.




Perhaps you havereceived messages from your inner-being or other segments aboutyour totality's focus – at least for the short-term. Yet, youcannot conceive of fulfilling that role for a variety of reasonsall of which mean you are hoping for, but never quite grasping thebrass ring that is you.




You are applying new you messagesto Old Age fears.




Maybe one of your newroles is a review of a past earth life (your phrase) role. Insteadof glorying in the thought of shifting pieces of one or more ofyour segments and therefore your totality, you remember the fearsassociated with that role plus new fears that have little ornothing to do with your new reality.




Do you not rememberlearning, perhaps decades ago, that you are capable of shiftingyour current reality by revisiting and shifting the outcomes ofwhat you label yesterday's life? So it is and always has been. Nowthat you are more knowledgeable, you hesitate for such a theoryseems too good to be true – and so it is.




If you are one ofthose entities who has elected to travel to a life from the past(your view) to change the outcome, know you have the skills to doso – in love and joy, instead of pain and fear. It is a bit like an8th grade student helping his little 1st grade sister with hermath. It is easy for him to complete his sister's math – not at allas it was when he was in 1st grade wishing for the knowledge tounderstand those same math problems.




So it is for you now. You havemore skills, more knowledge and a different approach – one of joyinstead of fear. Yet, you tiptoe through this past life – as youlabel it – wringing your hands in frustration and fear believingyou are not capable of changing anything.




Of course you are.Your beliefs merely hold you to the fires of Old Age fear. You havenot yet allowed the joys of new you to flow throughout yourbeing.




How can you changeyour beliefs from fear to joy?




The easiest method isjust knowing throughout your being that you have shifted yourbeliefs. But for most, such is not enough.




You believe your newearth lives – when they happen – will be of joy. But joy is in thefuture. So your returning to a previous life – in your beliefs –indicates that such a life has to be resolved with Old Agefears.




Of course, you mightnegate our thoughts. You might defend the new you work you havecompleted diligently and with a great deal of pain. You know youhave cleansed much pain and fear, so why do you live in thisnever-never land of not complete fear, but certainly not completejoy?




It is so because you expectchanges in the future, but not now. Surely, you have to be better,more wise or somehow different from what you are now.




You talk about joy.You hope for joy. But your being believes that such is onlypossible in your future. That you could not have changed your beingin just a few years from fear to joy. And even if you did, suchwould not apply to you this instant – and most certainly not toyour past. You are chaining yourself to fear even though you havethe key to unlock that chain. Open that lock. Walk around a bit totest your freedom. Then start jumping for joy knowing full wellthat your beliefs have finally caught up with your newreality.




You are FREE. Free totravel to any life your inner-being directs you to – and to shiftthe outcome of that life. You are free to remain in the here andnow, shifting your life in any joyful way you wish. You are free totravel to other dimensions, frequencies or times spreading your joyand fun.




You are free. You just have tobelieve that such is so. So be it. Amen





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