The people of theworld are uniting in greater and greater numbers to stand in thestreets to let the leaders of the world know that they are nolonger willing to be silent witnesses as they watch senselessdestruction of the world's people and their homelands be destroyed.As the powers that be lash out to create fear in the people inorder to keep them under control, awakened humanity across theplanet are rising up in swelling numbers to create change acrossthe planet. The mainstream news continues to suppress the reportingof the momentous movement of people's protests in major cities ofthe world and this has become glaringly clear to the majority ofthe world's population. The lies, deceptions and cover ups fromthose in power are becoming more obvious in everymoment.



As the lovingenergies of the divine feminine flowing onto the planet deepens inintensity, that which is not in alignment with love will stand outin glaring contrast. There really is no place to hide shadowactivity any longer. When each person's heart is filled with love,they have the ability to sense and feel deception in another. Thisis what is occurring now throughout the planet. People are seeingbehind the masks into the real motivati​​ons of their leaders andwhat is really happening, and they are demanding the truth. Greatsubterfuge is afoot in these ones on an unimaginable scale. Theseactivities demand the awakening ones to stand in and speak theirtruth, for they know at a very deep level that the time of choiceto remain asleep is over.


The sun's rays arenow stronger than before and it behooves each individual to protecttheir body by limiting exposure during the intense times of the dayand to wear protective sun glasses at all times when outdoors inthe daytime. It is better to go out in the early morning toacclimate one's body to the changing weather patterns. The earth'smagnetic field is more depleted and it requires the human body totake in greater amounts of air in order to fuel their energylevels. Deep breathing exercise each day is very helpful duringthese times as it is the magnetic field that radiates energy to allparts of the body through the nerves and nerve relay centers andtheir branches. It is important to increase the strength of one'smagnetic field to bring one's body and mind to the highest level ofhealth and vitality.


We ask the awakenedones to continue to stay calm and hold the light during theseturbulent times. Your light is much needed now. Look for andrecognize the positive traits in others around you and empowerthese individuals in any way you are guided. Give support to thosewho risk their well being by speaking their truth and standing intheir light. Spread the message of the new earth reality to all whoare ready to receive. It is in these times as you stand in the eyeof the storm that you can direct uplifting, loving andcompassionate energy and thoughts to your brothers and sisters asthey come to terms with the revelations of the awakeningprocess.


For each soul who isexperiencing physical expression, it is the action of struggle andeffort which reveals to each their own unique gifts and qualitiesof spirit. When they cease to resist the inflow of opposingenergies which bring greater light into their being, the journey ofdiscovery becomes a journey into realities that were not availablefor exploration before. It is important to keep the faith and keepthe forward momentum flowing and to remember that the entireuniverse is supporting each one during these times. The repertoireof higher dimensional beings that stand with each awakened human isgreater than ever before . Accept the love and guidance that theybring to stay in balance and equilibrium. No one during these timeswalks their path alone.


Until nextweek… 
I AM Hilarion 

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