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Greetings, I am Mira. 



I am steady at the helm with the Earth Council as weprogress with the Earth's Ascension process.




There are many needs and complex issues with which wemust deal. The gateways continue to open and much progress is beingmade. We stand up for you; we work on your behalf. We monitor theflow of life and the many changes that take place.




We observe your planet's focus on world sportingevents. We know that this intense focus is what you need to make touplift the planet into the higher dimensions. Wouldn't it befantastic if your media would carry the news of what's reallyhappening?




The Ascension process of the Earth is the greatestevent of all creation. All of creation is focused on you while muchof your populace is focusing on soccer or some othersport.




It's all in the name of the game. The large sportingevents bring happiness to some who win and other feelings to thosewho lose. In this Ascension game everyone wins. This is becauseeveryone gets closer to Home and isn't that what you focus on insports? Some take their time and others like to overtake someoneelse home.




It's all okay with us. We continue to learn moreabout you and your priorities. While this is happening we focus onour work of assisting you and the Earth to adjust to whatever Earthchanges are happening and the changing consciousness. Like yoursporting events, it takes a lot of teamwork from all of thedifferent dimensions and players involved with the important tasksof the shift.




We must continue to impress upon you the magnitude ofour work. This includes the importance of what you do as GroundCrew. Much of your work is accomplished in the dream state. Whilewe work in tandem we also ask you for your conscious continualfocus on the world around you and how you can make it better. Thiscould simply be through your thoughts but also includes the innerwork and healing that you do. Every healing that you create isexponentially experienced by others. Your work isimportant.




This is a massive effort to clean up the old ways ofliving and being on your planet. Please let go of what no longerserves you and anything that you can do to improve life on Earthfor yourself and others is what we are about.




Living, loving and improving life on Earth is afoundation of higher consciousness. Please use your gifts to findways to serve. Every effort is appreciated and is a largercontribution than most of you realize.




We love you and align with you for the highest goodof all and of the Earth.




I am Mira and I love working with the groundcrew.




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