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Greetings, I AM SaintGermain




It is with heartfeltsincerity that I compliment Humanity for being such brave heartedsouls and kindred spirits through this manifestation of the newworld. The new world is in its full remake program where arecalibration is the festivity of that event. There are variousways, offers and pathways given to you all to climb the famous andgigantic tree of life. Be careful to not fall off the branches thathold you together during your climb. Those branches function as arooted reality that holds you just as much in your vibration andreality as you allow yourself to be in.




The more you are outof balance or the more you are outgrowing this reality, the morethe branch will become unstable to sustain you ~ meaning the branchis functioning as your vibrational reality. Time to move further toanother branch is our advice or just clear some patterns of yourthoughts to sustain that reality of which you are made.




The choice is always up to yourown heart and soul as to where you wish to thrive towards, so takea few moments of your time every day to truly make that choice byheart so as to continue your journey and life path in the mostresonant vibration of your being




It has been quite aventure so far, hasn't it my friends? Well, hasn't this beenforetold by myself and others as well?! Hmm?! It is always withtrue joy and honor to emit that particular energy to you all as aco -creation with the collective on this planet Gaia. Therefore weare all tr​​ue Masters that embody that Christed consciousness andfunction as the Gatekeepers and teachers of this world and reality.We do not function as teachers in the mindset of being more thanand above the other, it is with an understanding of each andeveryone's Divinity that we bring the teachings of our ownresonance and vibrational field of Cosmic consciousness in order tocontribute in one's Divinely awakened path.




It is also your function in this lifetime, solead by example would be the teaching of the day here, as you toowill come to that understanding. Well my friends, what a time it isto truly be a part of that Divine Cosmic consciousness, isn' t it?Well I must tell you that more of that is awaiting you in thewings. There is more, you ask? Yes certainly there is way more, forit is only the true beginning, my friends, of a grand reawakeningforce on your planes of human consciousness. How must we tell youand show you how far you truly have evolved in a short time frame,if some still tend to seek the Divinity through proof withoutthemselves? Hmm?! There is none, I say to you as you are the Godliving proof of Ascension itself




What you are goingthrough and all are going through, is the course of Ascension on anEarthly plane that is in the vibration of duality and polarity.Have we not learned through the teachings of Einstein that when youtake away one side of the polarity in an instant, the field wouldbe so out of control in its gravity that much damage can be made?It is the same for the Earth you know. We cannot just erase thedark in a split second without thinking about the entireconsciousness that still lingers in darkness as well as in lightdue to the duality/polarity. It demands time, processes andconsciousness awakening to get to that most natural point ofdissolving the old, which is the dark in this case. Remember toothat everything is pure consciousness and is essentially a part ofpure Divinity, even the dark my friends.




Now what can I tell you more aboutthe upcoming time in this time and space continuum? Well, I wouldsay that it is necessary for you all to go in the inner planes ofthe heart and to keep on being there until you have mastered thegrand planes of disillusion because let me be clear here, there isa Master plan behind all of this that is coming into fruition as wespeak. This year is about great Divine potential as to creationsand manifestations. The old is clearly being disassembled as truthsare coming out on every plane, in every reality as well as in thecollective reality of your world




Souls such asgovernments, politicians and world leaders are now facing thetruths of their own assembled parts which have been created intoform onto this Earth. This truth shall not work for those anymoreas they are being called by their own Divine God Self to make peacewith their own true heart and Divinity. The more that Love is beingemanated onto this plane, the more souls are being set free oftheir roles of polarity and dark, so forgiveness and victim rolesare most present these days as it shows you all to choose the pathof Divine Love at all times.




There is a lot of movement in theastral planes these days as many souls are transcending andtrespassing those 4th dimensional planes to be rebirthed in theChristed 5th Dimensional plane of Cosmic wisdom. Shifts withinshifts within shifts are taking place within all of you and withinthe Earthly planes as well , all being a part of the globaltransformation into Christed energies. Now let us be honest here;this movement brings forth a lot of discomfort for you all in theseplanes on many levels and for many reasons as well. Let us speak ofthose for a brief moment .




It is theunderstanding and the knowing of your God Divinity that shallassist you during this phase of transcendence, for it is all abouttranscending the old here and re-attaching you to the Christedplanes through a rebirth or reawakening. The knowing and acceptanceof that process and event is your key and your way out of thediscomfort and issues as you allow this to be in your plane ofreality, for fighting against this and willing to control it doesnot serve you at all. It is about allowance and trust that you area God giving soul, a God kindred being that stands ready andaligned with the Cosmic Source of creation to assist every singlebeing that is passing through the 'wringer' of rebirth.




Give your physical vehicle therest it demands for it is truly important to keep your vehicleenlightened and balanced during this to enable you to bring forththat Christed Cosmic consciousness of yours through the breath ofcreation. Waves of energies are hitting your daily planes and livesas we speak and it does not tend to sit down for a while as youhave entered the gateways to Heaven and as you pass through that'wringer' of rebirth ~ again with your physical expression thistime ~ All that is not of your Cosmic Christed Self is being suckedaway to be vaporized into the flames of transcendence andillumination. It is that process that makes you all feel so tiredand exhausted causing you all to doubt again at times.




Well,there is no time to have doubts on your plate, my dear friends,throw them away now and handle that which is already on your plate,that should be sufficient, no need to take on more or demandingmore of yourself. Work through this with that which you are best inand allow. Give yourself the time and the rest you need but keepyour eye on the goal, all is purely based on intention in the firstplace during this Ascension process. The intention to move to a newbirthed plane in this Golden age! And so it is myfriends!




I AM that IAM




Saint Germain



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