通靈:Anna Merkaba

翻譯:Nick Chan http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_bd4aebd60102uwm1.html


As theprocession of the heavenly bodies continues to operate in yourskies, the radical influence of said energies continues toinfluence all who dwell on GAIA. Through the influence of saidpower many more souls are beginning to awaken to their trueidentification principles, which are the encoded particles of theirDNA structure. The DNA of said individuals miraculously unwinds along cord of structural components within, and brings forth theecho of yesteryear, and the ringing tones of ascension of tomorrow,binding said energies into the NOW moment of time. Binding thevisible and invisible worlds and merging them together ever sogently.




For as theawakening continues, you are beginning to experience things whichyou have believed yourselves to not be able to experience prior.For as the verification of the new informational decrees areinstituted into the sub atomic principles of your DNA caudexes yourconsciousness is beginning to expand tri fold. Leading you todiscover that which you are indeed here to accomplish. Leading youto find innovative and creative ways of accomplishing your chosendirections in the present environment ofGAIA.




Slowly thefear, panic, anger and other such modalities are being dissipated from yourpsyche, and are being replaced by the light of your GODLY selves.The Light of your CREATOR selves and the light of all that thereis. For the particles of the SOURCE as you understand it to bewithin your own reality are activati​​ng rapidly the creativemodalities within your vehicles of time and space. And hence, manyof you are beginning to feel as if you are emerging from deepsleep, and stepping into a new CREATIVE reality of yourbeing.




For all of you shall experience the creativity takedeep route in your day to day activities. And even the mundanetasks shall begin to appeal to your consciousness and you shallfind the beauty and awe in each and every single moment. For intruth the NOW moment of your timely reality is being incorporatedinto your understanding of SELF and the reality in which you dwell.For you are being consciously propelled towards the understandingof finding the fulfillment in every single moment of your earthlyexistence.




And so andthus, the moment has indeed come for you to put on your CREATIVEhats and step into the creative aspects of self and create theopportunities that shall lead you in the direction of your highestaspirations. For the moment is nigh, and you are to take activeroles in changing the route of not only your own lives here onearth, but of all those around you. For indeed you are becomingpure power players in this game that you all callLIFE.




In awe of all that you are, we guide you to unleashthe creative forces from within your very core and welcome in thenew world that is rapidly unfolding before you. For the powers ofthe heavens have indeed been introduced into your present reality,and from this moment forward you shall experience tremendouschanges from within, which shall in turn influence thewithout.




That is all that we have for you now. We love you. Weare with you . Goodbye for now. 



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