Escaping the Illusion



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January 27, 2014


When you are immersed in the process oflife, it can be difficult to remember that it is all an illusion.The incarnation process is a structure, designed to allow lifelessons to be learned, and karmic obligations to be addressed. Yet,once an individual is living a life, temporary amnesia about thisstructure often kicks in, causing many to forget the bigger pictureof what is taking place. Everything around you is there for areason; you designed it that way. Sometimes, youmay not want to accept this; as it can be difficult to understandwhy you placed a certain set of circumstances in your own life.But, even if you do not see the reasons now, you will understandthem upon your life review.


   當你沉浸於生命的過程中時,回憶起它都只是幻相可能是很困難的。投生的過程是一個結構,它是設計用來使得生命課程可以得到學習,並使得業力債務得到處理。然而,一旦一個個體正在過某一生的生活,有關這個(投生過程)的結構的失憶症通常開始生效,導致許多人遺忘了所正在發生的事情的更大的藍圖。你周圍的​​每一件事出現在這都是有原因的;你設計它們以這樣的方式出現。有時,你也許不想接受這一點;因為有可能很難理解為什麼你會把謀一系列境遇置於你自己的生命裡。但是,即使你現在沒有看到那個原因,你也會在你的一生回顧時理解。(譯註:lifereview,一生回顧,通常發生在剛剛死亡,靈魂離開肉體時,許多有過瀕死體驗經歷的人們提到過。請參看天外有天http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/wKWLsN45Ud0 /)


The illusion of life is one that is builtupon your stress, worry, anger, sadness, anxiety, obligation, fearand so forth. As you learn to release and move beyond theseemotions, you are more able to experience moments of living outsideof the illusion. When you are able to escape the illusion, whetherfor seconds, minutes, days, or longer, you will discover thateverything falls into place even better than you could haveexpected.




You are both the Creator and action-takerin your life. No one else creates the situations or experiencesaround you, only you. You may not always witness this process, butnone-the-less, you are the one in charge of your own life. In orderto escape the illusion, all you have to do is remember two things.1) Stay in the now moment 2) You are the Creator of yourreality.




When you are truly living in the moment ofnow, you are always able to recognize what to focus your time andenergy on. Life is nothing more than a string of moments laid oneafter the other. How you handle each moment, lays the foundationfor the next moment to appear. That is how you create yourexperiences. It is much like a choose-your-ownadventure book, where certain scenarios are available, but thepathway to move from one to the next is dictated by yourchoices.




Creation of experiences and situationsdoes not happen with force, might or will. It happens throughchoice. Choice is what makes Earth so special in its ability forlearning to take place. Now, the choices presented to you may notalways be easy, sometimes you may not even be able to recognizethat there are choices available at all.




Whenever you are bogged down with stress,worry, anxiety, or over-analyzing the experiences around you, takea step back and ask yourself this simple question. “What is mostimportant for me to do right now?” You may not receive an answer, but that is the answer in it of itself. There will be certain timeswhere the best action to take is no action at all (Often becausethe Universe is facilitating something already). Other times, youwill feel, see, or hear clear guidance to take a specificaction.


   不管何時你由於壓力、擔心、焦慮或過度分析發生在你周圍的經歷而陷於困境,那麼請退後一步,問問自己一個簡單的問題:“對我來說,現在什麼是最重要的? ”你也許不會接收到答案,但是這個問題的本身就是答案。某些時候,最好的行動就是根本不採取行動。(通常是由於宇宙已經正在促進某些事情了)。另一些時候,你將感覺到、看到或者聽到清晰的引導來採取特殊的行動。


It is only your expectations and desire tocontrol the circumstances around you that create stress. Once youlet go of your expectations of opinions, reactions, something goingwrong, doing well, doing poorly, etc., you begin to conserve yourenergy. By conserving your energy, you have more energy andintention to focus on the area of​​ life where your energy can bebest used. It sounds simple, but the application of this shift inthinking is very difficult. Start by becoming aware of what yourmental energy is focused on, and if it is drawing you into theillusion, use an affirmation to bring you back to present. Somesimple and easy affirmations to accomplish this aim are:

“I am at peace.”

“I trust in the Universe to always fulfillmy best and highest good.”

“I feel safe and supported.”

“I am calm and relaxed.”








Choose the affirmation that you resonatewith most, and repeat it until you feel your body return to a senseof peace. The more that you become aware of how you are reacting,the easier it will be to shift yourself back into peace. In thatplace of peace , you are always able to remember your role in whatis happening around you. If you are faced with a big decision tomake, a peaceful state of mind will give you the clarity to discernwhat to do next. That peace of mind and clarity is the key toescape from the illusion of life.




Love, Aurora











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