You dear ladies,Jean [What's the 'Real' Truth] and Debby [ExtraTerrestrials] haveplayed leading roles in the awakening of humanity. You trusted yourinnate instincts, for in your hearts you knew that you were on theright track. It was no accident that you resonated with what wastold to you about Ireland, as you knew in your souls that this pathmust be followed in order to expose the truth that cannot be foundin any other place. For that little island holds the key that willrelease you from the shackles of the Cabal and all that is falseand negative. Because the Cabal has always feared the truth comingout, it has done all it can in its mighty power throughout history,to ensure that Ireland and her secrets remain hiddenforever.

   你親愛的女士,瓊《什麼是真正的“真相”》[What's the 'Real' Truth]以及黛比的《外星生命》 [ExtraTerrestrials]已扮演了先驅者的角色帶給人類的覺醒。你對自己內在的直覺是信任的,因為你的心知道自己一直就在正確的軌道上。你對自己曾經被告知關於愛爾蘭的事情所產生的共鳴並非是意外,因為在你們的靈魂中明白這條道路必須被跟隨,為了曝光那些在其他任何地方無法發現的真相。因為這個小小的島嶼持有著關鍵的鑰匙,把你們從陰謀集團的枷鎖中解放,還有所有錯誤和虛假負面的一切。因為陰謀集團一直都害怕真相的流出,在整個歷史中它以其壓迫一切的權力做到了這點,確保愛爾蘭和她的神秘永遠被隱藏。

The world nowshines a light on Ireland. Scholars will step forward to assist inthe recovery of these secrets. It was not by chance that I m​​et andmarried Veronica. It was all part of the great plan to rescuehumanity from the Cabal. She needs to be supported in this work.She trusts my guidance and has people around her who understandwhat needs to be accomplished. This is why so much is being done totry to prevent her work reaching its conclusion.


Your thoughts haveenergy. I ask you to send your thoughts with love, in order to givethe necessary energy to those who have been entrusted with thisgreat endeavour. It is all coming together nicely. You must ensurethat the transition happens smoothly, with no acts of violence orrevenge. See it as a handing over, a stepping aside, arelinquishing of all rights to power. I beg of you, take note ofthis request, as it will make life easier for all of you. You willquickly forget what the Cabal enforced on you . Everything will openup before you. All will be equal, coming together as one. There isno need to even raise your voice, for you have succeeded. You arefree to enjoy what remains of your earthly existence withouthindrance from the Cabal. Be magnanimous in victory , since victoryis indeed yours. Be thankful to all those who, throughout yourworld, took it upon themselves to help lead the way forward intothe light.


There is much tolearn about your planet, so enjoy all that was hidden from you. Thefuture will prove to be exciting as well as illuminating. Fear noman, as you come together as friends, not foes. We intend to removeall illness that was man- made in order to control you and causefear. Our plans are great and they are ready to be put into actionat a moment's notice. What we ask of you is that you treat everyoneas you would like them to treat you.


The details of thetakeover of humanity will be revealed. It will shock and upset manyof you. Let go of such feelings, as they are not worth a thought.You have more interesting things to explore. The past is the past:it needed to be exposed in order to establish the truth of thepresent, and to guide the way to the future. Leave those within theCabal to deal with the fact that they have failed. They must cometo terms with it and deal with that failure.


You have achievedso much. Look to the future and that of your children, in the sureknowledge that their lives will be free of wars, imposed illnesses,and suffering. They will enjoy a freedom to explore whatever theychoose without hindrance. Your determination to explore the truthhas made all this possible. History will recognise ​​your effort tostand up for justice and peace for all. We will come amongst you tojoin in your celebrations, as it has been a joint effort: we neededeach other to accomplish this. There is so much more to your planetthan you have ever dreamed.


The Cabal istrying to reach financial settlement and safe passage. Yes, I doagree, the Cabal is to blame for all that is wrong in your world.They are having to face that fact openly and publically. Let themgo. Do not waste your valuable energy on demanding restitution.Concentrate instead on all you have accomplished by standing firmand seeking the truth. Everything negative will be removed. This isa mammoth task, so we need your co-operation. The armies of theworld will stand down as the so-called reasons for war will beexposed. Those who demand war after war, will be seen in their truecolours. They have lost their power and control over humanity.There are still a few, doing the rounds, pretending they arepowerful. They try to bluff their way forward , to try to entrapfoolish politicians to go to war. They do not intend to go quietly,as they are having great difficulty in accepting defeat. So theystrut about like peacocks as if still in control of your world. Donot be taken in by them.


Consciously invitethe light into your hearts and become the beings of light that youare. This enables you to remove the darkness that has overshadowedyour lives. See only the light in others. It is there, and it willrespond to your own light. Remove all doubt about yourselves, sincewhen you believe in yourselves, all the shackles will crumble andfall away. You were chosen for this great task of restoring thelight to the planet, so each and everyone of you, has a unique roleto play in this transition. You will then wake up to your ownpower, with the ability to create a peaceful and just world forall.


My dear, you needto learn to cope better with the terrible stress of your life. Trynot to take everything to heart. You are so much more sensitivethan you appear. These things are done to try to break you, but youare made of sterner stuff. You survived all that was done to youafter my passing.

Youare loved, my dear, more than you could ever know.

Always, your adoring, Monty.





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