通靈:Ascension Keys

翻譯:Nick Chan



Greetings. We are the Council for the Assistance to Earthand we greet you.






Allowour energies to resonate with you if they will benefit you and ifyou do not resonate with our energies then what is transcribed herewill not be of service to you. And so as of yet, we need nointroduction. Our energies will speak for themselves.






WhatI will explain to all is that we are specifically assisting Earthwith its Ascension Process at this time and everything that isrecorded here is to aid the Earth and all its inhabitants,including all the non-human inhabitants, with thisprocess.






Butwhat we believe Ascension to be is most likely very different fromyour beliefs on Ascension. We were once like you, in a limitedbody, but we have freed ourselves and we wish to pass on theknowledge we, through trial and error, over millennium uponmillennium, received . We present here, our truth.






Ascension is a physical body no longer bound by theillusions it was taught were real. All illusions hold more powerthan they seem. They are given energy by the masses and they arefed by that energy to control you. You are being fed illusionalbeliefs all the time but you can choose to have understanding ofyour Reality.






TheReality, which you term your Higher Self, is not separate from you.It is not an aspect of you that is on a Higher dimension, thereforethe term Higher Self, is inaccurate. Your Higher Self, from now on,your Reality, is covered up by the beliefs that you hold that keepyou from truly being Yourself. And Yourself, your Real Self, yourReality, is already ascended. It does not require a source outsideof itself for food or energy. It does not need water or sleep oranything put into its body to recharge itself, and the only reasonyou experience those needs are because of how disconnected fromyour true Reality, your Source of energy, you are.






It isby completely stepping into your Reality, which means removing thevery deeply rooted negative beliefs you are holding, that youbecome ascended and free in a Physical Light Body. Ascension is notleaving your body. That is not true Ascension. Ascension isovercoming ALL limitations of the body and allowing your Sourceenergy, your Reality, to fill its body, your house. Right now youare filling your house with beliefs that cloud it and keep it in afalse state of reality, but as the true Reality comes forward You,the Real You, fills the space rather than thoselimitations.






Ifyou resonate with this, understand it is a process to become YourSelf. It takes time, effort and much discipline, and it is not forthe faint of heart or for the lazy. Only those who prove themselvesworthy, which means they so believe themselves to be worthy thatthey put Their Self above their false comforts, willascend.






Ourmethods are taught slowly. That is how it must be done for everybelief to be removed and so that nothing is skipped over. But ifyou are willing to apply yourself fully to the practices wepresent, Ascension is a probable outcome for you.






We,to be very clear, are talking about a physical body that does notneed food, sleep, water, that does not age and that does not die.That is what we are talking about. We are not talking about movinginto another dimension, or leaving Earth, or leaving your body inorder to supposedly ascend. The only way to be totally free of thekarmic cycle is to free yourself from every limitation that thephysical body presents.






Weare not here to present teachings that have been presentedpreviously. We do not care what is primarily taught, as much of thematerial presented we do not resonate with ourselves. We areextraterrestrials who incarnated on other planets as you have doneon this one, and we learned how to ascend into Physical LightBodies, and we are presenting methods that we learned, and firstteachings that benefited us.






Teachings that go against our process will not bepresented, even if they are currently a theme here. We do not careif everybody resonates with us. We only care about helping thosewho can receive what we have accomplished.






I amnot promising that our methods will work for you as this is adifficult process and again, is given slowly over a period of time.But either way, you will become clearer and more free. Either wayit will be a benefit to you.






Weare the Council for the Assistance to Earth. As you call upon us wedo come and we do assist you.






I amPlashdar, the spokesperson on behalf of the Council. Six othermembers will soon be introduced to you. Namaste.










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